7 Most Popular Free Android Apps This Week


Have a look at The list of 7 Most Popular Free Android Apps This Week to Download.

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So which apps have you installed this week? Have you been waiting for our weekly apps review? Well, they are here! Checkout the Most Popular Android Apps This Week on the Play Store. These include some highly useful reading app, a new video editing tool for android and new features to integrate in your device for productivity.

Readmill – ebook reader

Readmill – most free popular android apps
Readmill – one of the most famous social e-Readers iOS now available on Android mobile. Readmill is a beautiful Android ebook reader app that brings all the need and taste for reading on mobile devices, especially on devices like Android. The app lets you read and share books, download lots of free books, review books and share your thoughts with Readmill community. (See also: Best ebook reader Android.) Download Readmill

Circa News

Circa News android app
Circa is a news reader app for Android. The app offers a different way to keep up with the news that occur daily in the world, being able to follow stories, receive notifications. Circa has just released a new version of its app with an updated interface for discovering and Following news, with a big focus on breaking news. One of the best news reader app available in the market. Download Circa News


Another video editing app for Android brought to you by two YouTube co – founders. The MixBit app helps people create videos together. MixBit for Android allows you to record several clips video of 16 seconds long, up to a total of 256 individual clips. And then mix, and edit them together to play as one seamless video. You can share the videos with other users of the service. Download MixBit

Chronus – Home and Lock widget

Chronus - Home and Lock widget
Chronus for Android brings desktop widget and lock screen for any device with Android 4.1 or higher , but only from Android 4.2 can put the widget on the lock screen, do not need to access root on your Android. Users can choose analog or digital clock, set the font and choose between color or monochrome icons. Ideal for those who do not have CyanogenMod on their devices. (Full Review) Download Chronus

Quicken 2014 Money Management

Money management app for Android. Quicken is the best cash flow and budgeting tool with which you can make smart decisions about your money, make a suitable budget in combination with the income. Easy to understand and use. Download Quicken

Edge: Quick Actions

Edge: Quick Actions is a simple application that allows you to access to several important actions on your Android home screen with just a simple gesture on the screen. The app offers shortcut to the main functions of Android with speed and agility. You can view recent programs and access all apps, and enable and disable some system requirements. Download Edge

Bubble Live Wallpaper

Bubble Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper app for Android with funny bubbles where you have to click on the bubble – and it burst. You can independently adjust the picture bubble of your gallery, choose your lucky color theme and share with friends. You can also change different themes, color and number of floating bubbles. Download Bubble Live Wallpaper

Price Reminder

Price Reminder for Android stores product prices so you can recall prices at a later date. Price Reminder is based on crowdsourcing where prices entered by yourself are shared with other users and vice versa, so everyone benefits. You can also use the app as a shopping list. Download Price Reminder

Let us know which other apps we should have added in Most Popular Free Android Apps This Week list. Enjoy! Also checkout more weekly apps in our Android Apps of the Week section.