Most Popular Android Apps for FREE This Week


Discover the most popular apps on Google playstore among the latest releases every week.

Here comes another top 10 most popular android apps list for this week to keep you busy for yet another week. We have some great free apps to offer, starting with the fact that Google Play has now reached version 4.0.25 and provides a great new design. The update should roll out for everyone in the coming weeks. So be sure you will eventually get it.

For now, let’s enjoy this week’s best Android apps:

iLectric Piano Free (FREE)

8.0ILectric Piano Free is an Android app for amateur musicians that can help you train chords and piano notes. To start practicing, just run the app and touch the bottom of the display keys. You can access the records from C2 to C6. The sounds are excellent, especially if you are using headphones.

Robinhood (FREE)

8.6Robinhood is a free application dedicated to the stock market. It allows people to buy and sell stocks for free! You can view real-time market data, build your personalized watchlist, and place trades with a few taps.

Webmaker (FREE)

8.0Mozilla Webmaker is an application intended to motivate users to create content on the Internet. It allows you to create all types of content (such as photo galleries, scrapbooks, manuals, and other memes) using text and images. In addition, you also use the application to discover content created by users. Its operation is fairly intuitive and lets you create content within a few minutes.

Ink Space (FREE)

Ink Space is a 3D drawing tool for Android that uses the accelerometer in your Android to move your 3D drawings. Ink Space allows you to draw on your phone or tablet in a whole new way. The end result saved in GIF format and you can share them on popular networks.

Ninja Jamm (FREE)

8.1Ninja Jamm is an application for anyone who wants to feel like a real DJ. It offers everything that relates to doing musical mixes and mixes from the electronic device. It brings several music packages for you to create jam sessions, enabling and disabling sounds to create your music.

Stagefright Detector (FREE)

8.0Although some time has passed, but the problem of Stagefright Android is still present. Therefore, the company itself designed this application to show if you are at risk or not. Little else is there to say about Stagefright Detector, unless that is you have to use: other applications that also report Stagefright are not as accurate.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List (FREE)

8.5Yummly is a recipe app for Android that provides an extensive catalog of recipes and personalized recommendations in an easy to use interface with great design.

Download Most Popular Android Apps for Free this week and let us which of them you like most. Share and Enjoy!

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