Mobile Hidden Camera Android Download v1.0.14 Spy Phone application


Mobile Hidden Camera app for Android lets you use your camera phone to take pictures and video without anyone noticing, is a very handy application if you want to spy on other people without informing them.

Mobile Hidden Camera Android Application allow you to safely spying on other people even in front of them without letting them know what’s going on. During the image taking and recording time your Android Phone will not have any Flash, preview or Sound and Files will be hidden so no way to trace. In fact, the main menu does not appear with the original name of the application, but appears as Simple Notepad.

Mobile Hidden Camera app for Android

Want to get some pictures without being discovered, even if someone inspect your device while it works? Then Mobile Hidden Camera is the right app that you are looking for. The app Mobile Hidden Camera is a spy camera app that guarantees your safety while spy shooting with a host of stealthy and protection features. With this application you can set the camera on your phone so that when taking a picture no sound shoots out, the preview image will not see the flash, do not leave in the image galleries mobile no exit, and many more features that will let you take pictures without anyone knowing you’re doing, and without any evidence of this. It has many functions and settings that you will discover more as you use it.

Mobile Hidden Camera Android Application features:

  • Installed as “simple notepad” icon with a discrete notepad
  • No preview, flash and no shutter sound
  • Photo Image continuous with adjustable frequency
  • burst-mode super fast capture 5-10 images per second
  • remove shutter sound even on firmware locked
  • configurable vibration in shooting
  • Recording video in HD
  • Optionally auto video recording -split into multiple files
  • Timer mode for video recording

Download Mobile Hidden Camera Android App

Mobile Hidden Camera is a Free Android App. Download the latest version of the app direct from Play Store.
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