Minuum keyboard Android – Now Available to Download


Minuum keyboard will change your typing experience on Android with its smartness.

By now you’ve probably heard of a new of kind Android Keyboard called Minuum keyboard. The app now out of Beta and available to Download Goole Playstore. Before we talk about the keyboard watch the demo video of Minuum keyboard for android.

That was pretty cool, yeah!

Frankly speaking, we all make mistakes when we tap on the desired keys of our Smart Phone keyboard during typing something. Some unwanted characters come up on the screen due to miss-tap on the keyboard. Minuum Keyboard; developed by Whirlscape, has brought us a uniquely designed smart keyboard which could resolve this issue. The Minuum keyboard is basically originated from a research project of University of Toronto and a fund-raising campaign named Indiegogo. The campaign raised a fund of $90,000 and it was almost eight times bigger than what the campaign initially aimed at. This Minuum Keyboard is a one dimensional, small but well aligned keyboard which provides a fast, hustle free and professional typing experience.

Minuum Keyboard download for andorid

Initially this Minuum Keyboard was available to a limited number of the users with a beta version. But now this keyboard is available for all with some features what a user can hardly find in the other comparable ones. This uniquely designed on-screen keyboard occupies only a little space and makes the display looks bigger. As a result, it allows the users to show more contents on the screen during typing.

The developer has included three different keyboard layouts (QWERTZ/AZERTY/A-Z) in this keyboard considering the different choices of the users. The developers also include other commonly used keys like spacebar, enter, backspace etc. The intelligent algorithm or auto correction feature can guess what we want to type and thus help us typing an error free writing. A user can turn on full screen mode by pressing two fingers simultaneously on the screen when needed. The developer has also included Google Voice Typing feature in this keyboard. This feature offers ease to the users who are already accustomed with this attribute of the modern-day gadgets. Initially the keyboard has only one language option (i.e. English) but according to the developers; they are working on the inclusion of other languages.

Minuum keyboard Apk now downloadable on Google Play Store. But the only drawback of this beautiful app is; it is not free! For the time being one has to pay $3.80 if he/she wants to get the benefit of this Minuum keyboard. But we can say that it will repay every single penny by providing with a distinct writing experience.