Download Microsoft Remote Desktop App to Control PC from Android


Microsoft has just officially launched the Remote Desktop app for Android that allows you to connect and control your Windows PC from your Android powered device. With Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can connect remotely to your PC and work from wherever you are. Best of all is that in addition to controlling the Windows PC is the ability to remotely access the resources that we have housed in it, whether photos, documents, music or videos and applications.

Microsoft Remote Desktop app for android

The main advantage of using Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android is the absolute control of the computer. Thus, not only you can access the files, but you can even run applications and programs that you have housed, using even gestures supported by Windows. The connection is secure. There are compatibility with Windows 8 gestures of self through RemoteFX, the remote connection is secured by NLA (Network Layer Authentication) and can handle multiple remote connections at the same time.
The main functions of Remote Desktop are:

  • Accessing remote resources of a computer via Remote Desktop.
  • Using multi-touch gestures in Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and RemoteFX.
  • Secure connection to your data and applications across network technology NLA.
  • Through the hub can manage all your remote connections easily.
  • Video and audio streaming high quality with better compression and bandwidth usage.

How to configure Microsoft Remote Desktop?
Microsoft Remote Desktop Android app is free and compatible with all Windows PCs that have Remote Desktop enabled, which is set from the control panel. For remote control of Windows from Android, first, you have to install the application on your smartphone, and configure Windows to allow the connection. Obviously, you need an Internet connection, and that the PC itself is on. To configure the Windows, go to Control Panel > System and Security and click on “Allow remote access”. Or simply open the window “Run” and type: SystemPropertiesRemote.exe. In the window that opens you can configure the connection, with two levels of security, depending on the importance of the files you have on your computer. For example, if you make the connection at home, you can opt for the less secure but more simple, but if you connect at work, maybe you should use the safer option.

Microsoft Remote Desktop for android
Once you have configured Windows to allow the connection, now you have to create the actual connection from Microsoft Remote Desktop. To do so, simply open the application, indicate “New Remote Desktop” and set primarily in the fields “PC name” with the IP of the PC to which we will access (find it with the command “ipconfig” from the command line or “Command Prompt”) and a user that we created for this use in Windows.

Let’s Download Microsoft Remote Desktop android App free from the play store.
Download Microsoft Remote Desktop