Megavideo Android Download app BETA. Download and Stream Videos

If used to watch a lot of videos on Megavideo then you would be glad to hear finally Megavideo is available for Android devices! With this application you can download and stream any Megavideo video that you like! You just need the video link: the application will do the all the job for you; pick you favourite FLV player and watch your videos anytime, anywhere! You can even pick the video link from a browser and e-mails.

Download Megavideo Android app     Download Megavideo Android app

The Megavideo application enables you to:
- Download, stream and watch any Megavideo video
- Start, pause, resume your downloads anytime
- See information’s (duration, description, ..) for each video
- PickRandom!© function
- Megavideo Premium login feature
- Catch Megavideo links from browsers and emails

Megavideo BETA was developed for Android by MegaDevs
Package name : com.megadroid.megavideo
File size: 695KB

Download Megavideo Android App v0.6:
Megavideo Android apk

Megavideo is a Free Android App. Download Megavideo from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.