Mega Jump Android Game Download v1.0 Over 7 Million Players!


Mega Jump the most highly rated and popular game for iPhone and iOS is now available for Android Devices. Get ready to blast off on an epic jumping journey with Mega Jump! Mega Jump is an interesting  and addictive game for Android powered devices where you have to propel your young protagonist as high as you can while you collect coins, powerups and other special objects that increase your score and allow you to buy new upgrades.

Mega Jump Android Game      Download Mega Jump Android Game

Managing Mega Jump is based exclusively on the Android device’s accelerometer. That is, you have to go from side to side by tilting the phone to collect all the coins. During the flight, you can pick up some upgrades that allow the protagonist for a short time to swell in the form of a hot air balloon, flying with an umbrella, to acquire properties missiles. As like other games, you can unlock achievements and lots of characters with the coins you gain in the game. Also you can compete with your friends in Facebook and Twitter. This is a fun game to hang out. Try it, you will like it!

Here is a short video demonstration for those who are not familiar with the game Mega Jump

Mega Jump Android Game features:

  • Stunning animated graphics
  • Nice layered backgrounds
  • Grab your balls of fire and go into the fiery trip
  • Collect coins and stars to earn more points and get huge combos
  • Turn into a balloon to soars above or turn into a magnet for coins – collect more money!
  • Multiple stages – try to get to the edge of space and beyond
  • Have reached the last level? Try out the latest level of difficulty
  • Open the new characters
  • Regular updates
  • Dozens of awards for a maximum score
  • Online leaderboard
  • Compete with your friends in Facebook and Twitter

The game is equipped with excellent graphics and great music and the authors of the game periodically update the levels.

Download Mega Jump Android Game v1.00
Mega Jump Android apk
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Or, you can download the latest free version of the game directly from Play Store by using the link below:
  • ihab

    Doesnt work on hero

  • oven

    it doesn’t work on wildfire :(

  • nomce

    doesnt work on sgs

  • Emelie Roos

    It’s a android app for the mobile, it works on iphone, samsung galaxy S samsung galaxy 5 and android mobiles :)

    have fun

  • fzjmkrzu

    ihr stinkt doch alle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas

    it only works on phones with a screen size 850 x —

  • Thomas

    Huper Jump is an exact copy of the game, other details ofc.. goes for 2.5 dollars

  • Polly

    It doesn’t works on Htc legend!
    And Nou?????

  • bbaysaa

    end mongol hun bval hi