Make Android Phone run Faster by Clenanig Up RAM Memory


So, you would like to know how to Make Android Phone run Faster and smooth?

Well, occasionally you have to clean up your android phone’s RAM memory to keep it tip-top.

Given the versatility of the Android OS, our RAM capacity depends on what the manufacturer chose to carry out. Even a 512 MB of RAM does not mean you will have the full capacity available. Some memory allocated to the system apps while another part goes into the drivers for GPU. In the end we are only left with a small amount that we need to manage wisely to keep the phone run faster.

Advanced Task Killer Make Android Phone run Faster by Clenanig Up RAM Memory

When starting an app, pushing the home button to take you to the home screen does not mean that the app is actually closed. Many programs such as Google Maps just run in secret, without you actually noticing it. Such applications are not always needed, but consume RAM memory in the background which makes your phone slower. You can finish their processes with the Advanced Task Killer – an app that terminates the running services at a touch away and brings longer battery life while improve performance at the same time. The termination of unused processes also frees memory and speeds up the system.

After opening the Task Killer it displays a list of running applications. By default, all apps and can be marked with a click on KILL selected apps. Since not every app is necessarily undesirable, Advanced Task Killer provides a function that preserves selected programs before exiting. If you want an app to keep running you can add it to the Ignore List. The Kill option can be used to close only individual applications.

In the settings under the menu item Action , the user able to perform the action of killing tasks with only a touch. Most conveniently, the app also brings with it a wizard that automatically terminated by three settings apps that run in the background.  The safe mode kills only those apps that are not currently used, but still take memory. In its most aggressive setting, however, it kills all the apps user does not use straight away. How often the auto kill feature is activated can be determined in the options menu. Experienced smartphone owners also have the option of having deeper task killer integration in the system services list. If you choose this option, in order for the change to take effect a reboot of smartphone is necessary.

Pros of Advanced Task Killer for Android:

+ Extended number of options

+ Ignore list

+ System level services task killer

Cons of Advanced Task Killer:

– Missing UI improvements for Android 4.x

The user should select the processes wisely. Killing the wrong services may stop notifications from showing and miss out on new incoming emails. Download Advanced Task Killer free for Android by hitting the widget below. You can also buy the Advanced Task Killer Pro for Android from Google Play Store.


  • Eagle

    This title is incorrect. Thank you getandroidstuff team. Best for android.

  • Eagle

    This title is incorrect. Thank you getandroidstuff team. Best for android.

  • Alap R Naik Desai

    Are there Apps for Scrubbing the RAM instead of killing apps to recover RAM.

    RAM management… i.e. leaked RAM, RAM De-fragment etc.?