LogMeIn Ignition Android Download remote pc access software v1.1.96

LogMeIn Ignition is the best remote pc access software for handheld devices. If it’s on your computer, it’s in the palm of your hand. LogMeIn Ignition for Android lets you remotely access one or more computers at any time and anywhere. In this way, you do not have to worry if you forget something. Directly control your Mac or PC, all your apps and all your files – with a simple click.

LogMeIn Ignition remote control app for Android

LogMeIn Ignition for Android lets users remotely access to a computer directly from a mobile device or tablet securely, giving easy access to files, data and applications from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection using the client LogMeIn. By using LogMeIn Pro you can be your PC or Mac’s desktop on your Android device screen, move the mouse with the touch screen of the phone, zooming or using keyboard shortcuts, among other functions.

Once you purchase LogMeIn Ignition from the Android Market, you need to install either version of the LogMeIn software on the computers you want to access from your Android device.  The installation of the app is very easy. You need to create an account on www.logmein.com and install the app on your PC. Then run the application on your mobile, you start the session and you will have a list of computers where you have installed LogMeIn.

Another advantage is that you can log in from any computer with web access (no additional software required). And a little more to say about the app: we can see all our pc, interact with it, use the “pinch-and-zoom” for different levels of zoom (very fluid and comfortable).


  1. Compatible with Android 1.5 or higher
  2. Compatible with LogMeIn software on your computer (LogMeIn Free or Pro2)
  3. Very easy installation
  4. On one screen you see all the computers that you control (handy if you have it installed on multiple pcs)
  5. Web Access (for when you have your hand Android)
  6. Intuitive navigation modes and flexible: moving screen, move mouse
  7. Optimized for Android tablets (eg Galaxy Tab)
  8. The Search computers to quickly locate a computer
  9. Switching between monitors
  10. Access to full on-screen keyboard
  11. Sequential Sound your Windows PC (with Pro2)
  12. Wake-On-LAN
Download LogMeIn Ignition Android v1.1.96
LogMeIn Ignition android apk
Or, download the latest version of LogMeIn Ignition Android remote control app from Play Store