Lock apps with fingerprint security on Galaxy Note 4, S5, S6, S6 Edge [FingerSecurity app review]


Get an extra layer of security on your smartphone by adding fingerprint security on specific apps.

Losing a mobile device can now be a real headache for most users who are using their phone as personal data storage. Most of the users have saved all their personal documents such as, photos, bank details, documents strictly confidential work and of course, direct access to several email accounts in their mobile devices. Thus, mobile security has become a fundamental aspect for many users. To protect all these contents you can use passwords, unlock patterns and now fingerprint sensors. Most manufacturers now offer their customers the ability to block general access to devices with this type of scanners, but unfortunately, there is no integrated protection system for applications in particular.

There are times when you can’t say no to the persons whom wants to play with your phone a little. But you really don’t want them to pick at your private paps. Fortunately, we already have available an app specially developed for this purpose. Yes, we are talking about the app FingerSecurity, with which now you can secure individual apps on your Samsung devices. But does it worth downloading on your device? Let’s find out together.

+ What We Like

Extra layers of privacy

lock apps with fingerprint security on samsung galaxy Note 4, s 5Something quite absurd is that Samsung does not include a security feature to lock individual applications that will be accessible only if you pass your finger on the middle button. You do not want your children to use games in app purchases, have a folder with confidential data … No matter the reason: sometime you feel the absence of a security feature that can lock individual apps on your device. Isn’t it? That is where FingerSecurity app proved himself as useful. It is a good way to protect the most vulnerable content. It will provide an extra layer of privacy, which lets you lock parts of your device rather than fully locking it out.

This is a very interesting tool to protect apps contain the data that matter most to you. It also has additional features that make it a good alternative to protect your data, in case you need that extra bit of privacy. For starters, you can use a widget or your location to activate or deactivate the lock, plus you can protect notifications and uninstalling the application. Hide the interface lock, password alternative configurations for each application, the possibility to use different fingers for certain applications, themes for everyone … is quite complete, as you can see. The best part is that you do not have to root your device in order to use this app which is great as no one would want to void warranty of their new phone.

Simple and intuitive

Despite all the different settings and features that are fully enjoyable thanks to a very simple and intuitive interface. You can easily configure the app and within few minutes you have an extra layer of privacy available on your device.

  1. The first thing to do is download the app from Google Play. We leave the Store link at the bottom of this article. Install the application following the usual procedure.
  2. Once installed, open the application. You’ll notice that appears before you (within section apps) a complete list of programs that are capable of being protected.
  3. Finally, select those applications that require access through print your fingerprint. Within seconds you’ve enabled extra protection system on your mobile.

– What we dislike:

This application is designed only for Samsung Galaxy family. To use this free app, you must have a device with fingerprint sensor, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


As recalled by a few lines above, FingerSecurity is a totally fast and easy to protect app that you most care about. FingerSecurity not just excellent from the point of view of security and privacy, but is also free and works very well indeed. And the thing that arouses the most attention is that it is not mandatory to have root permissions or other permissions to make it all work properly.

FingerSecurity not just excellent from the point of view of security and privacy, but is also free and works very well indeed. Did you already test FingerSecurity on your smartphone? You can share your impressions in the comments section.