Locale Android App Download to Task Automation and More


Locale Android App is the Most Efficient Way to Task Automation on your Android smartphone.

The fact that you can use certain apps to automate tasks with Android is one of the big advantage over other mobile systems. There are plenty of apps on the Play Store that eliminate the need for user interaction, based on customizable conditions and plug-ins that are provided through separate apps. Locale for Android is the most popular one.

Locale is the Grand Prize Winner application on Android Developer Challenge. Locale dynamically manages your phone settings based on conditions, such as Location and Time. Never worry about your ringer going off in the wrong place or at the wrong time again. You can set it and forget it! Locale can let VIP callers always ring though. Locale can even turn off the power-hungry components automatically when the battery is low. And remind you to charge your phone when it’s go below 40%

Locale Android App Download

Locale is without a doubt one of the best ways towards task automation on Android. The app has been around for some time and it also is one of the most popular apps for the platform of all time. Locale by two forty four a.m. LLC has also been recently redesigned to better optimize the user understanding of the interface and interaction with it. It also includes a number of plug-ins that can be purchased to extend the apps functionality. These are:

  • SMS Plug-in – your phone can send SMS messages automatically based on conditions like location and time.
  • Headphones Plug-in – your phone can automatically perform actions based on whether wired headphones are connected.
  • Dock Plug-in – your device can automatically perform actions based on whether it is docked in the car, desk, or undocked.

About Locale as a whole there isn’t much to say. Take through an detailed analysis the app is among the most complex of the platform. There is practically nothing you can think of and Locale shouldn’t be able to accomplish. Like all apps of it’s kind, setting a series of parameters will make the app trigger certain functions or apps depending on the user’s needs. You can, for example, set it to turn WiFi on, open Flipboard for reading the latest news and set the ringtone on silent, the moment you get home.  At work it can activate a ringtone profile, turn the GPS off and open the Calendar to get a look at your schedule for the day. The list goes on, as far as your needs and imagination go.


Watch Video review of Locale Android by appjudgment:

Locale beta was developed for Android by two forty four a.m.
Package name : com.twofortyfouram.locale.apk.apk
File size: 777KB

Download Locale Android App from play store by hitting the button below or scan qr code.

Android app on Google Play Locale Android app on Google Play

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