SayIt – Voice Launcher : Launch Apps with Voice Command on Android


Fancy to Launch Apps on Android with Voice Command. Download SayIt – Voice Launcher App.

Launching apps is the most frequent task on Android devices. Though Android search menu works fast enough to find apps installed, there are some better options out there such as SayIt – Voice Launcher Android App.

SayIt Launch Apps with Voice Command on Android

The latest search feature on Android, Google Now not able to launch apps by using your voice. Fortunately now we have SayIt – Voice Launcher which will let users open apps with voice command. The app includes a ton of features that let you find and launch your apps with ease. In addition to launching apps through voice command, SayIt provides widgets that allow you to start applications with touch or using voice action. Each widget is self organizing: they learn which applications you use most often and order them accordingly. SayIt also supports a great user interface and it integrates itself with the latest versions of the OS as if it came pre-installed.

SayIt has the definite advantage over similar apps of being very fast. With the help of voice commands and the provided widgets you can find and launch the apps of your choice effortless. It can be used in combination with other great custom launchers such as Nova or Apex and integrated into a gesture to be launched with a flick of your finger. The app provides a widget that resembles the look of a dock and it displays a scrollable list of apps and also allows you to start applications by voice.


PROS of SayIt – Voice Launcher for Android:

+ Very fast and well made

+ Widgets and voice commands

+ Learn capability for the list of apps

CONS of SayIt – Voice Launcher:

– No free trial version

SayIt – Voice Launcher is available as for $0.99 on the Play Store. We think the app does worth its price to download. Use the widget below if you are interested.


  • Sathiskumar.V

    It is a nice and useful app. But it would be better if it is available freely in the Google Play Store

  • Niceyme

    Nice 🙂