KungPow Android Download game (Full Version). Be Kung Fu Master

Play real Kung Fu game on your Andoird. KungPow – (Full Version) game for Android Inspired by Kung Fu Master. The player takes the role of Johnny, a Kung Fu champion from America. An evil Kung Fu master has kidnapped Johnny’s girlfriend Olivia, and now he must battle through five side-scrolling floors of life threatening obstacles to save her.

Johnny has the ability to punch high and low, as well as kick high, jump kick, and sweep kick. Combining these moves together with crouching and jumping will give him all of the moves he needs to succeed.

On each of the five floors you will encounter a variety of enemies. Battle your way through knife throwers, dodge snake-filled vases, escape fire breathing dragons, and narrowly avoid exploding confetti balls. At the end of each of the first four floors is a boss which must be beat prior to advancing to the next level. The final boss is on the fifth floor, and upon defeat Olivia will be freed.

Johnny only has three lives to carry him to the end of the game. In addition to fighting his way through many opponents, he also has to battle another element: time. Each level must be completed in the allotted 3000 seconds, or one life will be lost. If all three lives are depleted before the end of the game, Johnny is sent back to level one and must begin his journey all over again. You must work quickly and efficiently to ensure his grueling battles need not be repeated

KungPow will have you reminiscent of days at the arcade with a fist full of quarters ready to be played.

Download KungPow Android Game    Screenshot of KungPow Android game

Controls in KungPow Android game:
Punch = P
Punch Low = DOWN + P
Kick = K
Kick High = UP + K
Kick Sweep = DOWN + K
Release = Left, Right, Left, Right quickly.
Jump = UP
Crouch = DOWN 
NOTE:  This game requires multi-touch support.

KungPow – (Full Version) was developed for Android by PhunDroid
Package name : com.phundroid.kungpow.full
File size: 6.7MB

Download KungPow Android Game v1.03:
KungPow Android apk

KungPow is a Free Android Game. Download KungPow from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.