Kingdoms and Lords Android Game Asking to Fight for Your Kingdom


Kingdoms and Lords Android Game from GameLoft puts together action, strategy and medieval.

Now definitely inflated, the casual management genre close to Farmville continues to be much appreciated on the Google Play Store. Kingdoms & Lords is the latest interpretation of this trend. The title by Gameloft places in our hands a small kingdom that came from nothing and we can make it grow and increase the population.

Kingdoms and Lords Android Game

In Kingdoms & Lords Android game you will defend the borders of your kingdom, fight off invaders and their troops before they get too close to the city. All this takes place in a framework of classical medieval fantasy in which our actions moved by the wind of a greater threat. You will get mission after mission, following the instructions revealed by the ques icon: build this or that, produce a particular material, train this type of soldier, expand the territory, visit neighbors and possibly parts for the war. The latter aspect is a recent development of the genre that belongs Kingdoms & Lords, and certainly has the merit of increasing the variety compared to only dynamic management.

Android Game Review Gameloft's Kingdoms & Lords Will Have You Fighting for Your City

The fights take place in a purely strategic pattern. The units at your disposal deployed in the field and in turn can attack an opponent chosen by the enemy party. A small variation on the theme is provided by the presence of magic cards, which you can buy using diamonds (the real currency of the game – also purchasable with real money bia in app purchase) and that allow us to regain health, multiply attack power of the team and so on. What seems inexhaustible with this title are the missions, which renewed continuously according to a mechanism of achievement, trying to stimulate our curiosity and keep up your involvement.

Pros of Kingdoms & Lords Android Game:

+ Nice graphics

+ Some traces of originality

+ Very solid strategy game

Cons of Kingdoms & Lords:

– Aggressive in-app purchases system

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