Kamikaze Race for Android Download game v1.0

A deceptively simple slot racer game for Android Mobile Phones, Kamikaze Race features a harried trip through rush hour traffic strapped into a car with no brakes and a stuck accelerator.

Kamikaze Race Android racing game

Kamikaze Race is a fun racing game for Android in which you will drive a car at full speed without brakes through various roads. Without any breaks and an accelerator stuck, so you can not ever decrease speed, on a crowded highway, your goal is to survive as long as possible. Tap the sides left and right of the screen to steer left and right. The only chance of survival is to use all your attention and ability to avoid collisions, swerving accurately pinpoint the obstacles that arise along the way.

The gameplay is quite simple. The player has only two commands that determine if the controlled car will move to the right or left side of the screen. And it is precisely this simplicity that makes the title so addictive and accessible for players of any age.

The game has simple and yet addictive graphics and good sound quality. The game is free and worthy to try. Is not it? How far can you survive?

IMPORTANT: Sometimes virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen don’t work. However, they actually do work when pressed above them.

Watch Below the Video of Kamikaze Race Android Game:

Kamikaze Race beta was developed for Android by TastyPlay.com
Package name : com.tastyplay.android.kamikazerace.apk
File size: 10.4MB

Kamikaze Race for Android is a Free App. You can Download Kamikaze Race Beta here or Simply use Barcode Reader on your Android Mobile Phone Camera, read QR image above to Download from Android Market. If you don’t have Download Android Barcode reader Now.
Or, follow the link below to get the latest version of Kamikaze Race Android from Play Store