K-9 Mail is One of the Best E-mail App for Android

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On Nov 25, 2012
Last modified:Feb 25, 2013


The most convenient and One of the Best E-mail App for Android is K-9 Mail which simplified the way you handle E-mail on Android for Business

The most convenient and One of the Best E-mail App for Android is K-9 Mail which simplified the way you handle E-mail on Android for Business.

By default the handset manufacturers offer one or more e-mail clients with their devices. These are in most cases efficient enough to make you not looking for an alternative on the Store. But for business or work environments a complex client needed in sometimes. K-9 Mail for Android is a good solution which also interacts with other apps.

K-9 Mail Best E-mail App for Android

Not everyone handles their email traffic only from using Google’s e-mail clients, but also makes use of other services such as GMX, Microsoft Mail or Yahoo. Most pre-installed e-mail apps are suitable even for managing multiple accounts, but there are definitely more feature-rich alternatives. One of them is the free K-9 Mail app. The open source client is based on the standard Android application, but allows complex folder structures, offering more options and better sorting features. It also shows a lot more messages in the Inbox.

In addition to POP3 and IMAP accounts such as WebDAV, K-9 supports and provides access to an Exchange 2003 mailbox. Featuring push technology the e-mails are automatically stored in the inbox and automatically synchronized with server at regular adjustable intervals. Users get notified of any new messages using status bar notifications, vibration patterns, ringtone or LED notification.

Thanks to the batch functionality,  K-9 Mail offers the ability to delete multiple email messages on a swing from the Inbox, move or mark as read or important. To do this simply swipe from left to right through the entries and select the appropriate option from the toolbar or from menu. E-mail attachments saved by the app directly to SD card without having to decide in advance or installing additional applications such as Save my Attach.


Moreover, it is possible with K-9 Mail to encrypt the e-mails in the transmission using PGP and digital signature. Having been available on the Store for a long time, many other developers have integrated K-9 interaction in their apps. You will also find all sorts of tools for K-9 on the store, such as K-9 Data Killer - a Widget that allows you to stop the K-9 Mail background sync or K-9 Mail UnreadCount - widget for K-9 Mail that displays unread numbers.

PROS of K-9 Mail for Android:

+ Lots of advanced features

+ Security options

+ All sorts of other Apps available for  it

CONS of K-9 Mail:

- The UI could use a little work

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