Install Android 4.4 KitKat Google Play Edition ROM on regular HTC One


Download and Install Android 4.4 KitKat ROM (comes from the Google Edition of HTC One) on Sense based HTC One.

Android 4.4 KitKat Google Play Edition ROM on regular HTC One

If you are annoyed with the heavily customized Sense 5 UI skin on your HTC One than here comes the good news. Now you can install the stock version of Android 4.4 on your HTC One for better user experience. The KitKat ROM comes straight from the Google Edition of the device with some good enhancements available from HTC One’s Sense based ROM. Unlike other custom ROMs out there such as CyanogenMod, AOKP, PA etc., this stock Android 4.4 kit kat ROM for HTC One does not come with a host of “broken features” or bugs.

Let’s see How To Install official Google Edition HTC One ROM to get pure Android experience. Before you proceed to actual installing steps make sure to prepared your device with some pre-requirements shown below.

  1. First unlock the bootloader on HTC One. A good tutorial can be found here.
  2. Root Your HTC One. Follow this tutorial.

NOTE: You must use CWM RECOVERY OR HIGHER or TWRP RECOVERY OR HIGHER.  You can use ROM MANAGER(CWM) OR GOO MANAGER(TWRP) App form google play store to update your RECOVERY before you proceed to install the ROM.  

After you have successfully unlocked bootloader and rooted your Htc One, now follow the steps below to install Android 4.3.

  1. Download the Google Play edition ROM from here, and Download Radio for Google Play Edition ROM Android 4.4 here then transfer them to the internal storage of your One.
  2. Backup all your apps, app data, contacts and messages etc using an app like Go Backup. Double check this step as installing new ROM will remove all the data from your device.
  3. To install, make sure you are S-OFF first!!! Otherwise, you may end up with a stucked phone.
  4. Reboot your HTC One into recovery mode now. First, switch off your One and then start it by pressing the Volume down + Power button simultaneously. Once you are in Fastboot mode, using the Volume keys highlight the Recovery option and select it using the Power button.
  5. When you enter in TWRP recovery menu, do a full backup which will be a rescue if you want to get back into default Sense ROM.
  6. From recovery menu, go to Wipe and Swipe to Factory Reset to format system data partition.
  7. Once completed go back to TWRP menu and hit install. Select the Google Play edition ROM zip file copied earlier and confirm install. Once the zip file has been flashed, you should install the radio file form install menu.
  8. Once you are done, select the Reboot System option.

Wait for the device to boot up which may take longer than usual. The first boot can take few minutes but if its stuck for too long you may need to redo the process from step 4. Enjoy Google Play Edition KitKat ROM on HTC One.

  • Brecht Vermeulen

    does it work on a HTC one v? is that also a ‘regular’ HTC one?

  • Kervin

    Thanks! It works!! You need to check all the requirements well. S-off + root + twrp.

  • Htoiawng Htingnan

    I could not s-off but i install the rest. Now, my htc-one reboot for several times and turned off. I tried to switch it on but could not. what should i do now? Please help!!!

    • Shariar

      Important : To install, make sure you are S-OFF first!!! Otherwise, you may end up with a stucked phone.

      You should now boot into recovery and flash a custom ROM that doesn’t need s-off (i,e. Android Revoulation HD)

  • Guest

    I could not s-off but install the rest. Now, my htc-one could not start. It reboot several times and turn off. What should I do now?

  • Malva

    Does this work with a sprint htc one

  • S.A.

    Does this work on CDMA (verizon) phones as well?

  • Capetocuba

    Thanks for this, new to android. Had my HTC One for 4 months. Was on CM10.2 for 2 months as this seemed easier for a newby. Managed to install this rom first time!

  • Hi.. the link for the ROM is not working… could you put it back again? thanks

  • Chris

    Will this support fota updates?

  • Ryan Hadley

    if I install this stock version, will I still have the beats audio feature for the headphones and the front facing speakers?

    • Yes, you will.. and i actually myself love the sound on google edition ROM

  • zaaye

    Is this for Sprint. If not it should be noted or bricked phones are near

    • This for the GSM version of HTC One