INDESTRUCTIBLE for Android : Glu Mobile’s – Online Multiplayer Action Game

INDESTRUCTIBLE is one of Glu’s most recent titles with Carmageddon type multiplayer action.

Glu Mobile offers some of the most exciting titles for the Android platform. The best part is that most of these titles are offered for free with in-app purchase which allows to upgrade various part of the game.

Android Game Review  Glu Mobile's INDESTRUCTIBLE - Online Multiplayer Action Game

In Glu Mobile’s most recent title for Android, called INDESTRUCTIBLE, you will have to defeat the enemy using all kinds of weapons at your disposal. Destroy the enemy vehicles with lasers, bombs, guns, rifles, etc. The game is played online against up to four other players, so an extensive data plan or Wi-Fi is recommended. Indestructible is free, though you can buy many upgrades through in-app purchases, along with new vehicles and weapons. Purchasing items is not necessary if you can get along with the poor offer of Glu Credits you can earn in the game.

Indestructible claims to offer “stunning high-quality graphics” and an “advanced physics engine”. After playing the game I must say Glu have done a good job with this title. Fans of the action-packed games should definitely get Indestructible as it’s a thrilling and addictive title. With every battle you will earn points to buy vehicles, customize them with missile launchers, laser guns, cannons and more improvements.  if you are tired of boring driving games in which you can only accelerate and collide, then this alternative will fill you with joy.

Pros of INDESTRUCTIBLE Android Game :

+ Stunning graphics and physics

+ Action-packed gameplay

+ Offered for free

Cons of INDESTRUCTIBLE Android Game:

- Performance issues on lower end devices


Download INDESTRUCTIBLE for free by hitting the widget below.
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