IM+ Android app to Cover all Instant Messaging Needs

IM+ Android app is all in one solution for instant messaging services on your Smartphone or Tablet.

Yahoo Messenger, Facebook chat, Skype, Google Talk, are just some of the complete list of accounts that we can connect to with IM +. The application is very popular among those that use IM services a lot or occasionally. It has an impressive number of features and the developers are working to make it even better.

IM+ Android app Covers all Your Instant Messaging Needs and Move

The dark appearance of the app will strike you when you first open it and most will find it quite appealing. But if you are the adept of a brighter interface you can change the theme from the settings menu. The buttons are large, well-shaped and placed exactly where you’d expect them to be. We can navigate between tabs using swipe gestures. Contact lists, regardless of their number, are carried out smoothly and we can list them in alphabetical order. The settings menu includes all the options one would need, logically structured by categories. The user is also greeted with tips to optimize the settings and reduce battery consumption. IM + is designed to function as the user desires.

Throughout the testing period IM + has behaved perfectly. We can easily see that the developers have paid special attention to the use of certain design element from the latest version of Android, while keeping it compatible with older versions of the OS. You are able to add all your IM account with ease and the app can be conveniently accessed through the notification bar. You can disconnect account one by one or all. One interesting option is that IM+ allows to change the layout from phone to tablet mode. The tablet UI can be used without a problem  on bigger screen smartphones. There are also lots of other options to customize and make the app suit your needs.

Pros of IM + Android App:

+ Well designed interface

+ Integrates most IM services available

+ Lots of options

Cons of IM + Downloader:

- PRO version may seem a tad expensive

Download the free version of IM+ Android application by hitting the widget below. The PRO version can be purchased to get rid of the ads.


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