IC File Manager for Android comes With Cloud Storage Support

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On Mar 2, 2013
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IC File Manager is a full Feature-Packed File Manager for Android you should download now!

Most of you would agree with me that  it is better to have one app which includes all the features we expect from related apps. So we don’t have to install multiple apps or go through long sessions of searching on the Play Store for different alternatives. Thus I would like to show you what could be the perfect file manager for your android phone or tablet.

IC File Manager Android App download free

A file manager is a must have app on any Android device and it either comes pre-installed by the manufacturer or you have to download an alternative from the Play Store. Even some custom ROMs integrate a file manager by default, though with limited functionality. IC File Manager is a less popular option on the Store but it provides so many features you wouldn´t need anything else. From the first time when you open the app, you will be greeted with a very clean and well designed interface. IC File Manager is compatible with Android version 2.1 and up. Tablet and phone users alike will appreciate multiple layouts per Activity custom-tailored to take advantage of additional screen real estate.

IC File Manager provides plugins for extending its functionality. It is capable of  quietly purging the most commonly used operations from it’s memory after a week…or a month if you want it that way. The app also includes a powerful Audio Manager / Player / Mini Player service which makes managing your music, playlists, and podcasts simple and straightforward. Syncing folders between your Android device and WiFi PCs, FTP, and Cloud locations are available with just a tap away and it also supports syncing project folders with your work PC, and many other features.


PROS of IC File Manager for Android:

+ Cloud integration

+ Very large number of features

+ Stylish interface

CONS of IC File Manager:

- none

Download IC File Manager for Android free by hitting the play store button in the widget below.