iBeer for Android Download Apk

iBeer for Android is a fun which allows to pretend you are drinking Beer!

If some of your iPhone owner friends showed you that they are drinking Beer from their smartphones and you were fancy to have such an app then it’s time to Download iBeer. This is fun. Let’s drink beer but you won’t pay. Use your Android Smartphone to drink free beer.

iBeer Android simulates the real motion of disappearing Beer on your phone’s screen as you pretend to drink. Using the motion sensor the app determine if how move the phone and it gives simulation as like when you drink from glass. It is also possible to create foam by shaking the phone which looks cool. The more interesting thing is that it will make a burp sound when you finished the drink.

iBeer Android Apk Download

As seen on CNN, New York Times and SNL.
Hilarious award-winning fun app now on Android.
Tilt to drink, shake for foam.
Amazing realism! Free burp included.

iBeer was developed for Android by HOTTRIX
Package name : com.hottrix.ibeer.apk

Download iBeer Android app v1.53
ibeer android apk

  • Nagrom

    Been waiting for this baby to come onto our beloved Android.

    Lets hope it’s as good as they say it is.

    • Nagrom

      Okay it works great, but whats with the cracking screen effect?

  • Mr Center

    I was waiting for this one too.

  • Chester Ayala

    Fourth!!! in the comment

  • Manish

    not working on htc tattoo

    • PMP

      Not working on Atrix 4G

  • http://getandroidstuff.com/ibeer-android-download/ andrei

    im fine

  • august

    great its work on my samsung galaxy mini