Snapdragon S4 vs Snapdragon S3 Benchmarks – HTC One S


HTC recently confirmed that the European variants of the HTC One S will be available having two different hardware configurations.

HTC One S Snapdragon S4 vs Snapdragon S3. First benchmarks

The first would be what one might call the standard version, as it’s the one you all probably know. It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core 1.4 Ghz chipset with 1GB of RAM. The other one has the same hardware configuration as the rumored Taiwanese version. It is powered by the Snapdragon S3 clocked at a higher 1.7 Ghz. ” In order to meet massive consumer demands,” HTC has released both variants in Europe. Last year’s Snapdragon S3 has been overclocked to 1.7 Ghz but will it reach the same performance as the new released Snapdragon S4? Here are a few benchmarks results to sort it all out.

HTC One S Snapdragon S4 vs Snapdragon S3. Quadrant

HTC One S Snapdragon S4 vs Snapdragon S3. Velamo

Also, in BrowserMark, the One S with the Snapdragon S3 got 87739 points while the Snapdragon S4 got 106712 points. Be careful what you buy that’s what I always say. It’s clear that the S4 crushes the older S3 in every benchmark, even with it’s CPU clocked at 1.7Ghz. Why would HTC sell a slower HTC One S at the same price? Better look at the specs if you decide to get one.

  • Lemonya

    It’s very simple – HTC it’s untidy company.

  • atakanpolat

    I tested both phones and the result says the difference is big when it comes to test but there is not a big differance between their usage and gaming perfornmance. But the overheating is really enoying for an aluminium unibody. Be carefull and always check the model no.

    Sent by my htc one s s4

    • The difference will not be apparent to users who just move around the user interface. Under demanding tasks, the S4 will easily be more capable here, especially if large chunks of memory are required to and from the chipset. In terms of the GPUs, the Adreno 225 is around 98% of the Tegra 3 ULV GPU; couple that with the much better CPU architecture, and you have a chip that’s pretty much on par.

  • Michael

    I have an s3 (1.7ghz), and the only thing s4 beats it is in memory throughput and battery life. 2D and 3D are almost same, CPU is faster in my s3 than the s4 reviewed here

    Total:4364 CPU:8568 Mem:3556 I/O: 6482 2D:1006 3D:2206
    I wonder why the s3 benchmark here shows such a LOW score.
    I also got 7264 in Antutu 3.

    • Arten

      I have an s4 and Antutu v3 scores 10400, I think the difference is obvious

      • Apple loves coq :D

        I’ve just figured out that mine is with the S4 (very happy about it) but it scored 10021 on AnTuTu v3.0.3. :/ Guess I have to turn off some of the apps next time 😀

        • Dylan

          Try it while charging and turn power saver mode off. I managed 12,000. 🙂

    • Dylan

      My S4 Plus; stock everything:

      Quadrant – 6,723
      AnTuTu v3 – 12,179
      Vellamo v1 – 2,324
      Vellamo v2 – 1,813 (HTML5) and 711 (Metal)
      Linpack single – 154.960 Mflops
      Linpack multi – 332.021 Mflops

      Also, the differences are far more than that.

      1) CPUs
      – Cortex-A9 vs. Cortex-A15
      – 512kB L2 cache vs. 1MB

      2) GPUs
      – 45nm vs. 28nm
      – 1.5x higher clock with S4
      – DirectX support for S4
      – Benchmarks report Adreno 225 as 97% the performance of the ULP Tegra 3 GPU…

      3) RAM
      – 333MHz single-channel vs. 500MHz dual-channel

  • nicolasiac

    I have bought the HTC One S with the S3 processor from amazon and run the benchmarks (vellamo, antutu, linpack, nenamark2 etc). I was quite disappointed with the results compared to the gsmarena benchmarks. vellamo scored 1897, nenamark2 51. Noticed the overheating as well.
    Then I found the one with the S4 processor on another website, so I returned the phone to amazon and re-run the tests on the S4. The results are the same as gsmarena benchmarks and this site. The results differ a lot from the S3 and haven’t noticed any overheating issues. S4 rules!

    • Yeah and you can bet your life that it’s the reason why the One S won’t be getting updates anymore.