How To Turn Android device Into a Multimedia Remote Control for PC

You can easily Turn Android Phone or Tablet Into a Multimedia Remote Control to control media players on PC.

If you like the idea of switching the PC to start the song or the next episode of Two and a Half Men right from the sofa, then you should take a look at the free Android app called Gmote. It transforms the Android smartphone into a multimedia remote control for PC.


With Gmote 2.0 Android App the user can stream music from their PC to the smartphone and access the desktop video or music collection and start their favorite clips and songs right from the sofa. It comes complete with controls for stop, fast forward and rewind, or adjust the volume. The app even supports playlists in M3U format. With a long tap on the arrows Gmote jumps from a song to the next playlist or back.

From wherever you are, be it in the kitchen, bathroom or on the balcony you will have all your have musical entertainment, in MP3 and MP4 file formats played directly from the mobile phone. If you want to stream media files on your device you only have to hit  Play on Phone from in the menu under Browse.  Furthermore Gmote is also able to access JPEG files. This allows you to enjoy photos from your last vacation while relaxing on the sofa instead of sitting at your computer.

With a few clicks, user also able to work using the touch screen of his Android smartphone, transforming it into a  touchpad and on-screen keyboard, functioning as a mouse and keyboard to control the computer. This function is ideal, for example switching the slides while in a presentation. For comunication to be established between smartphone and PC the Gmote software needs to be installed on both devices. The server is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS X and Linux and is available on the developer’s website. After installing the software, the user defines a password that protects the computer from unauthorized access. Which folders you want the app to access, can be defined under change media path in the settings menu.

The app establishes its connection via WLAN and both devices must be in the same network for it to work. To access from home, via the mobile phone connection to the calculator, the user has to adjust the settings of his DSL router. A connection via Bluetooth is not possible. As a further point of criticism,  sometimes long load times are required for accessing the shared folders. Overall Gmote 2.0 works flawlessly and makes your evening a little bit more comfortable.


PROS of Gmote 2.0 for Android

+ Highly reliable

+ Advanced remote options

+ Music streaming capabilities

CONS of Gmote 2.0

+ Sometimes takes a bit to load

Download Gmote 2.0 for Android free by hitting the widget below.