So you just got your shiny new HTC One and puzzling to learn How to take a screenshot on HTC One? Help yourself with the Android Tips below.

How to take a screenshot on HTC One

There are two available methods to take a screen shot on HTC One Android device. Here we show you both the two methods. The first method of taking a screen shot is suitable for HTC One as well as other HTC Android devices, and the second method – a more versatile that works on Google Edition HTC One and works even on almost all type of Android-gadgets.

To take a screenshot with HTC One, try this sequence:

  1. press and hold the power button for about half second;
  2. Tap immediately on the capacitive “Home” button.

In HTC One, the power button located on the top of the device, and ‘Home’ – on the bottom face. To take a screenshot on your HTC One smartphone, you will need to hold down the power key, and simultaneously press the Home. Immediately after this, the screen of your smartphone will flash on, and the phone will play a custom sound file, your work is done. Well, the very image, will be found in the gallery, where are the rest of your images. This is the most simple way to take a screen shot.

If the above method for whatever reason, does not fit (For example the above method may not work on Google Edition HTC ONE), then you can try the method below.

How to take a screenshot on HTC One Google Edition

To take a screenshot on HTC One Google Edition:

To save screenshots on GE HTC One simultaneously press and hold the power button on the top edge and the Volume Down key. The device will display an animation, beeps and vibrations will alert the user that the screenshot of the screen has been successfully created.More ways to Take Screenshot on Android : Checkout Complete Guide Screenshot will appear in the system tray from where you can quickly send the resulting image by e-mail, SMS, or post to social services and also can save in the local memory of your device and will appear in the gallery in the folder Screenshots.

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