How to sync iTunes with android? Download Easy Phone Tunes


Looking for a good – iTunes Sync Android App? Download Easy Phone Tunes Android App.

If you are one of those who previously own an iPhone or use iTunes to manage music but now got an Android Smartphone, we knew you very much want to get your music library on the new device. Well, it’s pretty easy task if you know what to do. Just Download Easy Phone Tunes – iTunes Sync Android App and you are good to go. All you need to do is install the app on your phone and the client on your PC or Mac. The app work in both ways as it can copy data from iTunes and put data into iTunes from android device except those copy protected (DRM) tracks.

iTunes syncing app for Andorid

There is a free version and a premium version(we are not sure what extra features on the premium) of the app available on Google Play Store. You will find them  in the widget below.

Now here is an interesting move from Samsung, as the company just bundled this app with their Galaxy smartphones in UK. The app called Easy Phone Sync will let you sync your iTunes music library and playlists with your Android Samsung Galaxy device. Media Mushroom  are behind developing this app for Samsung.

Download Now

Step 1: Download and install to Windows or OS X host.
Step 2: Download and install the TuneSync or TuneSync Lite app on your From your Android device
Step 3: Type in the computer name you wish to sync with
Step 4: Select the playlists you wish to sync with
Step 5: TuneSync will now start copying your music files over in the background. TuneSync will also keep your device synchronized on a regular basis over your Wi-Fi connection without ever connecting it to your PC.

See the setup guide for a detailed setup.