How to Stream Media From PC to Android, Download Emit App

Would you like to know How to Stream All Your Media From PC to Your Android? Below is your answer.

We don’t always have the enough space to store all our movies on Android device. Having the ability to stream those videos from our PC would be great. Also, a very important feature is the ability to enjoy our media in high-quality, without having to store it locally. Download Emit Android App which will do the job very convenient way.

How to Stream Media From PC to Android

Emit is a very popular application for media streaming. It works really well and has lots of features, like the ability to work with your iTunes library. Emit is available for both Android and iOS. Using this app you can also play your videos online, on Emit work with different types of connections, like wifi, 3g or external wifi. It also works with all PC environments - PC/Mac/Linux.

To start using Emit, you first need to download the Web Server app for your PC. You can download it for free from their website. Once installed on your PC, you only need to configure the media folders and, if required, share the iTunes library. The PC software will provide a password that you insert in the Android app and that is about it. You can additionally configure an extra password, for security. The Android has a very easy to use interface. It can be used to stream all types of media, like movies, music or pictures. In the settings menu you can adjust the quality profile, depending on your smartphone hardware, subtitles settings and encoding. Advanced quality settings for video are also available.


Pros of Emit Android App:

+ Very reliable and easy to use

+ Works with all types of connections, even 3G

+ Srt and mkv subtitles support

Cons Emit:

- It crashes sometimes and can become really slow on older devices

Download Emit Free Android App by hitting the widget bellow. A paid version to get rid of the ads is also available.


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