How to setup the Fingerprint Scanner on Samsung Galaxy S5 (Video)


Learn how to setup the Fingerprint Scanner on the latest flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5.

How to setup the Fingerprint Scanner on Samsung Galaxy S5

The next generation Samsung Galaxy flagship, Samsung Galaxy S5 has many new features, but the fingerprint sensor is one that will stand out more. This feature was already introduced in the iPhone 5S by Apple and now Samsung has added the feature to its flagship Galaxy S5, but the functions are somewhat different. The fingerprint sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S5 allows you to protect the terminal from the lock screen, but also gives the option terminal block content, such as photo albums, documents, or any similar type of information.

Instead of having to be typing a code or draw a picture of a pattern, the system unlocks the phone only with a swipe of your finger on the start button, which is faster and secure. On the other hand, it also allows to make payments through the PayPal platform and is expected to continue to expand its functions.

If you just got your hands on the new S5 and wondering how to set up the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S5, then let me teach you.

  1. To start setting fingerprint sensor on galaxy s5 you just need to go to Settings. For that swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the settings gear icon in the top-right.
  2. Tap the Lock Screen icon in the Quick Settings section.
  3. Tap the Screen Lock item at the top of the following screen.
  4. The first thing to do is set the mark with which unlock the terminal: swipe (a quick left-to-right gesture), pattern (where you draw a pattern on a 9-point grid which must be recreated to unlock), fingerprint (which uses the fingerprint-scanning home button at the bottom of the device), PIN number, or a regular text password.
  5. Select fingerprint from lock screen menu. Also you can select Finger Scanner > Fingerprint Manager from Quick Settings section
  6. The finger detector of Galaxy S5 works by drag, ie, that you have to spend your entire finger on the surface of the button, not just leave it perched.
  7. You asked to spend up to eight times the finger on the button until you have been fully registered. At this point you have to take care of it right. If you look, a dot pattern appears on the screen itself.
  8. Once you have completed the eight steps you have stored the fingerprint. Keep in mind that you can set up to three separate fingerprints with three separate profiles, so you can add others who may use the phone.

With the fingerprint, you also have to store a password as an alternative in case the button does not work. Then what remains is to configure the settings from unlocked by fingerprint and every time you go to unlock the phone you can do by swiping your finger on the start button. Scanner application also allows you to manage your saved tracks, removing or adding new ones whenever you want.

If you love visual learning then watch the video below in courtesy of the folks over droid-life.

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