How To Organize Android Apps to Access Quickly, Download Apps Organizer for Android

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On Nov 9, 2012
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Apps Organizer for Android is a very handy app to sort your apps and games in different categories so you can find them quickly. Download Apps Organizer and give it a try.

Apps Organizer for Android will let you categorise Applications so you can find and access them quickly. Here is How To Organize Android Apps with Apps Organizer.

If you have a large number of games and applications installed on your Android smartphone, finding a particular app to open become more difficult as the time passes. That is because Google’s mobile operating system stores all downloaded programs in a single menu that over time becomes more and more confusing. Here’s  a very efficient way to sort the list.

download Apps Organizer for Android

If you want to bring some order to your collection of apps you should take a look at the free app called - Apps Organizer. It allows sorting of installed apps and games in different categories and places them as shortcuts on the homescreen. Under the tab named label there are quite a few categories, such as games, tools and websites set by default from the developers. A long tap on an item allows you to rename the existing category or delete them entirely. The icons can also be changed. A very good feature is user can assigned self-shot photos as icons. It also supports app icon packs, which can be found in abundance in the Store.

Existing groups can be complemented by specially constructed categories. The corresponding function is found in the menu under - a new label. When the app is first installed the apps are categorized into the labels tab by default. You can with ease change the category of an app by long pressing on it and sorting it into a different category. There is also a favorites group to add your most used apps and keep them in handy. Apps Organizer is highly efficient and works as it should, getting the job of sorting apps done with ease.

Pros of Apps Organizer for Android:

+ Sorting apps with ease

+ Lots of customization options

+ Free without adds

Cons of Apps Organizer for Android:

- None so far

Download Apps Organizer for Android free by hitting the review widget below. So, now you know How To Organize Android Apps to Access Quickly. Cheers!