How To Move Android Apps to System Directory : Download /system/app mover App


Download App Mover Android app to Move Android Apps to System Directory without any hassle.

If you are among the large number of Android users with their device rooted then you certainly encountered situations when you had to move an app to system directory. This is the dome so that the respective app can gain special privileges and it can, for example, enable GPS or in case of launchers for ICS be allowed to add widgets from the app drawer.

app mover app to Move Android Apps in System Directory

Moving an app to system dir can be done through several methods. The most complex would require that you manually copy the app to the system dir and set permissions to RW-R-R. To do this you will require a file manager that not only has root options but also can set permissions. Another method is to use the all-to-popular Titanium Backup and tap on the respective app, once you’ve installed it, and select “Convert to System App”. Unfortunately only the Pro version of Titanium Backup offers this option and can be a little expensive if you are willing to buy it only for this option.

The most handy method for moving an app to system dir and at the same time having set the permissions, has been developed by J4velin, a well known android developer. J4velin is responsible for creating top apps like Notification Toggle or Delayed Lock.  His simple solution is called /system/app mover and all it does moving android apps between data/app folder and /system/app folder, making them a system app or a user app. So it works not only by converting an app to system but also as a reverse method. Making an app a user app will let you uninstall it so it’s a nice option to remove android bloatware. Be careful though, uninstalling some apps can lead to system instability.

Download system/app mover completely free by hitting the widget below. It naturally requires that your device is rooted an in some cases with BusyBox installed. It is very easy to understand and use.