How to Manage Bookmarks on Android? Download Bookmark Folder manager app


Knowing How to Manage Your Bookmarks on Android would be very helpful to save time and improve browsing experience.

Managing our bookmarks from our smartphone can become a difficult task, especially if you use a number of different browsers. We often find that we have a large number of web addresses stored both on our PC and our Android device, with no way to manage them efficiently. That’s where Bookmark Folder Manager Android App comes into play.

Bookmark Folder manager How to Manage Bookmarks on Android

Alternative browsers such as Opera Mobile, allow you to organize bookmarks into folders. The default pre-installed app for surfing  may not have such a possibility. Above all, for those who have many bookmarks and do not want to scroll through a long list every time, until you  find the right page, you should take a look at Bookmark Folder Manager Android App. It provides an easy way to sort the browser favorites and easily store them in folders.

After opening the app it shows all the available bookmarks in a list. With the Add button you can create and store them into directories. By long tapping a record you can send the bookmark to desired folder or erase it completely from the list. You can also chose In which order your favorites and folders should show. Taping on arrows up and down moves the entries up or down, or puts them on the menu at the top or bottom of the list. Alternatively, the app sorts your bookmarks alphabetically.

Unlike similar applications Bookmark Manager Folders integrated in the default browser and does not need to run separately. unfortunately, with the free version you can create only two folders. This is obviously far from enough and just enough for testing. If want to abolish the restriction you must buy the paid Pro version in the Store. It costs a little more than a euro and is also exempt from advertising.


Pros of Bookmark Folder Manager for Android:

+ Very easy to use

+ Supports move to SD

+ Lots of sorting options

Cons of Bookmark Folder Manager:

– Free version offers only two folders

Download Bookmark Folder Manager Android by hitting the widget below. Alternatively to get past the restrictions you can buy Bookmark Folder Manager Pro.

  • Brian Jester

    I use several different browsers on my tablet, is there an app to organize all my bookmarks across all browsers? Ex: Stock browser, Firefox, Google chrome, opera, dolphin etc..Basically I want to backup and restore the bookmarks to each of those browsers with one app quickly, and easily.

    Thanks a bunch!