How to Manage Android Apps Easily with AppWererabbit (Toolbox)


We all love apps and always curious to explore latest android apps on our devices. Thus the  number of installed apps becomes difficult to manage and frustrating. Here comes the AppWererabbit (Toolbox) to mange android apps quickly.


There are many options on the Play Store for managing your apps in an efficient way, though almost none of this solutions is comfortable to use or easy to understand. The option we propose has been thoroughly tested and has proven good results. The app has gathered a number of great reviews and offers a great deal of features, some that are very hard to come by. One small downside to such an advanced option is that it requires root for most of it features but that is a small price to pay for what it offers.

AppWererabbit (Toolbox) offers the ability to manage all your installed software on your Android device through a sleek and clean interface. The solution is very easy to use and understand, and it grants the options to backup your apps, uninstall, move to SD and even share through social networks. There is an app renamer built-in which is highly useful. There is also a menu for quick installing apps including downloaded .apk files on the device. AppWererabbit also provides auto-backup features and the option to clean caches for certain or all installed items. There is practically no option that you can think about and not have it with this tool.


PROS of AppWererabbit for Android:

+ Great deal of features

+ Fast and clean interface

+ Auto-Backup feature

CONS of AppWererabbit:

– Nothing really

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