Make a Photo Collage on Android. Share your beautiful moments on social network in a quick and beautiful way.

Make a Photo Collage on Android with free photo collage app

Photo collages are really a beautiful thing to watch. Not only they look cute but easily. Rather than uploading a large number of photos from your special day or trip you can simply convert them into one pic to share with your friends quickly. There are plenty of collage apps for andorid that will allow you to create a photo collage using your smartphone. Photo Collage is the most complete and full featured which is able to create real pieces of art. 

Photo Collage can be used in two different ways or in two different modes.  First, there is the so-called edit mode.  In Edit mode you can conveniently and easily select images in your gallery, and then combine them into a collage.  A total maximum of ten photos can be selected, to be combined into a collage. In addition to the Edit mode, there is also the camera mode.  In this mode it is possible to take the photos using the device’s camera and then combine the into a collage.

How exactly do you create a collage? After you’ve selected the photos you go in the edit mode and there is the possibility to choose between templates. Here you can rotate your photos, resize and also indirectly determine the borders.  A negative aspect is the missing option to change the background. You also get the ability to download more frames. An interesting feature is by shaking the smartphone you can let the photos be randomly arranged and the results turn out quite well.

In the template mode specific shapes and cuts are given.  Of course you can change the layout of photos and set various zoom level.  Moreover by shaking the smartphone you can randomly change the design and shapes.  Also in the template mode it is possible to use the downloaded additional frames. In both modes you can also later add photos, which I think is very important.


In the camera mode it will be a little different. Here you can pre-select the types and the number of photos which will then create a collage.  There are quite a few different presets, among which you can surely find something suitable.  Once you have decided on a form, then you only need the photos to be taken.  Simply click on a field of collage and take a picture.  Of course you can also replace a photo.

 The created collages can be saved and besides they can also be shared through a variety of social networks.  There is also the possibility to send the collages via email or upload using online storage services like Dropbox or Picasa.

Pros of Photo Collage  Android app:

+ Very efficient photo collage making app

+ Downloadable frames

+ Sharing options, including Dropbox and Email

Cons of Photo Collage  for Android:

– Crashes and freezes on some devices

Download  Photo Collage Android App for free here

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    nice article. try Instafusion app… has a very easy and beautiful interface…