How To Get Android 4.2 Style Floating Images Live Wallpaper

Fancy to get Android 4.2 Style Floating Images on your Android? Download Floating Image Live Wallpaper for Android.

One of the new features of Android 4.2 is a screen saver like photo presentation looks cool. It takes the images from your Gallery and floats them across the screen for your enjoyment. Even if your device is not among the ones to benefit from the latest version of Android OS, you can still have most of the features through separate apps. Here is how to get the Floating Image feature on your older android device. Floating Images Feature Live Wallpaper app does the job nicely.

Android 4.2 Style Floating Images live wallpaper

Unlike traditional photo gallery applications Floating Image is a slightly different path. With this app not only you will be able to scrolling through your photos in the usual way, but rather the images float chaotic in a thumbnail view on phone’s display. Touching one of the images will get it in a full screen view, while the other pictures move in the background. In the options menu you can define how fast the images slide by, the color of the background and activate a random type for it.

Floating Image also has more options, in addition to accessing the photos stored on your SD card user can access photos on his online albums on Flickr, Facebook or Picasa. In the settings, under the heading Manage feeds , you can add the desired sources for providing the images. When viewing the photos in full screen mode you will get the usual pinch-to-zoom finger gestures to zoom in on the images and you can set it as a background image on the home screen as wallpaper or share it directly via email, Bluetooth and Co. to your friends. These functions, however, are a bit awkward to reach and can be accessed only by a long tap on the photo.

It is also possible to switch the display mode to landscape or portrait and start a regular slideshow on Android. The time between screen changes, direction and speed of moving of the photos is individually adjustable in option menu. Floating Image may not offer as many features as other photo-album viewers and is not as well structured, but just the chaos and confusion of this app makes it an exceptional image viewer with a ‘wow’ factor.


PROS of Floating Image for Android

+ Unique style photo viewing

+ Lots of options

+ Regular slideshow

CONS of Floating Image live Wallpaper

+ No advance photo editing abilities

Download Floating Image Android app for free by hitting the widget below to enable Android 4.2 Style Floating Images feature.