How To Download incompatible Apps from Google Play Store


One of the major inconveniences of the Play Store is due to the fact that there are so many hardware configurations that it can become difficult for developers to decide the upcoming app’s compatibility. As so we may find ourselves not able to download a piece of software we have been looking for.

download incompatible apps from google play store

When it comes to the Android platform there is a very large number of low-end devices that support lower screen resolutions. As such, users often have trouble finding the app or game they need. Mostly users are greeted by the famous message “This app is not compatible with your device”. There are specific techniques to make devices run faster and there is even an app that would let you tweak the GPU settings to run Tegra made games. All these are worthless unless you have a way to download and install non-compatible apps. Fortunately now you do. Unfortunately the problem is the solution is only for rooted devices.

Let’s see how we spoof android market to get rid of “This app is not compatible with your device”.

Market Helper is the solution to  download any app on the Play Store, no matter the hardware requirements. What it does is emulate a specific device, like such as the Galaxy S III or Kindle Fire HD, to make the Store believe that is your device and let you download the app. You could manually edit the build.prop to change the name of your device but this procedure requires advanced knowledge and is not to everyone’s liking. Market Helper is the easiest solution and can be side-loaded and granted Superuser permissions. After that it’s only a matter of choosing the device to emulate from a list. Simple and trouble-free.


PROS of  Market Helper for Android:

+ Very easy to use

+ Lets you download any app

+ Free

CONS of Market Helper Android App:

– Needs root

Download the Market Helper apk and start downloading any app you would want to install on your android device.

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    after downloading apps it says cup incompatible