How do I speed up my android phone? Here is a simple tip to boost Android’s performance


A simple trick to speed up any Android device in just a few seconds without installing any application.

How do I speed up my android phone

After using your new Android phone for some weeks/months you will notice that your device become slower than how it performed before. This will surly raise a question on your mind “How do I speed up my android phone?”. Surfing the Google Play Store you will see there are many applications available to boost up your Android device speed. But do you know that can also speed up your device in just a few step without installing any application.

This little trick that we discussed below will help you speed up your Android phone if you prefer to sacrifice the quick transition and window animation that appear when you move from one screen to another. Here, we will explain step by step how to turn off animations of Android windows to achieve a much greater fluency in mobile performance.

Let’s learn the simple trick to speed up any Android device

  1. Navigate to the settings of your mobile
  2. In the settings option you can see an option “About Phone” or “About Device” (the exact name depends on the version of your operating system), tap on it
  3. Entering the about screen you will see many data about your device. Among these you will see one with the name “Build Number”, which is accompanied by a series of numbers and letters. Press the page repeatedly thus will not open any window configuration, until you see a message appears on the similar screen “is now developer!” This is the message to confirm that you can continue with this tutorial.
  4. Now return to the previous menu screen of the settings and search an option with the name of “Developer Options”. Press on this option.
  5. In this screen you will see lots of options related to the advanced settings of your mobile. Now scroll down until you find the options for window animations, which appear with a text and an ending like “1x “. You must press on all that are accompanied by this ending, and you see that will display a small pop-up window; in this window simply mark the option “Animation off “.
  6. Repeat the process until completely disable all window animations. Once done, you can return to the main screen of your mobile and in principle, you should notice a huge speed boost when surfing the fluent interface.

How to disable animations in Android to boost speed

That’s all. This simple andorid tip can help you to speed up your phone and save you a little time when you need to move from one application to another as quickly as possible.

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