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Download Hot New Android Games

If you are one if those who spent a lot of time gaming on a smartphone then you should regularly checkout our website, specially this page as we will  continue to bring hot new android games to your attention. On this page we will focus on the most recent android games those worth to download and give a try.

Blood Zombies HD

Blood Zombies HD android game
Downlaod Blood Zombies HD (Free)
Another free Zombie shooter games for your Android gadgets. Blood Zombies HD is an arcade action game where you will have to shoot the undead in order to save the world. Equip your weapons from its vast choice of professional guns such as AK47, M4, M249, UMP etc. and take this battle against the zombies. The game also provides multiple game modes, thrilling battle scenes, challenging missions of Boss along with many distinct types of zombies as well.

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Free

Downlaod Toy Defense 3: Fantasy Free
Toy Defense 3 is the continuation of one of the most popular tower defense Android games, now with more improved graphics and detailed medieval environment. Toy Defense 3: Fantasy is a fun free game in the genre tower defense, featuring a magical world with some fearless warriors, experienced archers, crafty goblins, and immersion in a medieval fantasy atmosphere. The game is beautifully designed in the style of the First World War and a number of interesting gameplay possibilities. You can invite your friends to join you, cooperate or compete with them.

Deus Ex: The Fall

Downlaod Deus Ex: The Fall ($8.27)
After months of waiting, Deus Ex: The Fall finally gained its version for Android powered devices. Deus Ex: The Fall is an action adventure game inspired by its previous game Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, PS3). Starring Ben Saxon, a former British mercenary space increased air service, we will discover the truth behind an international conspiracy that takes place. The game has beautiful graphics, intuitive controls and many hours of gameplay with elements of FPS and stealth amid RPG. Two different ways to play the game: You can play stealthily or killing every enemy that crosses your path, all in first person view. The game is action packed and exciting combat.

Don’t hesitate to share your favourite android games those you downloaded recently and would love to share with other android users. Enjoy android gaming!