HoneyGram for Android allows to explore Instagram Experience More

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On Oct 30, 2012
Last modified:Feb 25, 2013


HoneyGram for Android is excellent app to explore instagram experience, especially on Android Honeycomb Tablet, Gingerbread smartphones and GoogleTV devices!

HoneyGram for Android App will allow you to explore your Instagram experience more, especially on Android Honeycomb Tablet, Gingerbread and GoogleTV devices!

We do not have to worry about Instagram’s recent acquisition by Facebook as the transition will not affect users, according to official statements. Instagram will remain the same social service that users of iOS and Android platform began to love. And for an even more complete experience, HoneyGram promises to open our Istagram world in a way that certainly many of you will find attractive.

Android App Review HoneyGram for Android Designed for Smartphones and Tablets
HoneyGram is an Instagram photos browser for items shared by millions of users worldwide. The interface is beautifully designed and has all the tools to enjoy fascinating experiences shared through this service. There is a search engine Included in the app. Each image can be saved and shared on other social networks of your choice. Proximity settings are provided and you can view pictures taken even 50 meters away from our current location and add a comment to each picture.

It does not necessarily require authentication, you can see the creations that attract you without an account. However, many more features are unlocked when you log in with your Instagram account.

Once logged in, using Instagram account, the range of options is expanded. We can view our photo feed, as with the official app, the photos we have shared and what we liked. The most attractive feature is that Honeygram apps has a built in photo collages creator, which allows to save and share created photo collages with pleasure. Even if you are not die hard fan of Instagram, it does worth your attention as you may appreciate HoneyGram for the visual pleasure it provides.

Pros of HoneyGram for Android:

+ Pleasing, well designed UI

+ Supports Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and GoogleTV

Cons of HoneyGram:

- Some FCs when editing collages

You can download HoneyGram for Android free by hitting the review widget bellow.