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The most popular Android Game HOMERUN BATTLE 3D DOES! play ONLINE match up & go head-to-head against the world’s best BASEBALL SLUGGERS. Winner of Best Sports Game of 2009 from Best App Ever,IGN.com and Touch Arcade. HOMERUN BATTLE 3D is not only visually stunning but also excitingly addicting!
In addition to the player vs. player online derby, the game includes arcade, training and classic modes as a welcoming treat for single-person game play. Make your own customized look with wide range of selections in bodies, looks, baseball equipments, etc.

Homerun Battle 3D Android        Android Game Homerun Battle 3D

Homerun Battle 3D is really addictive, has a simple mechanic, but makes you want to play again and again to improve your score. The game is to hit the balls you throw the opposing team’s pitcher. A number of indicators will help you find the right moment to hit the ball. The growing anger score based on how good they are your punches and especially consecutive homeruns to accomplish. It has some very funny 3D graphics and good sound effects. You can set up your character and improve its features getting best equipments.

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Homerun Battle 3D Features
▪ Online match-up mode (head-to-head against rivals and friends)
▪ 3 extra modes: Arcade, Training, and Classic modes
▪ Player customization (Self-ID creation)
Body: face, hair, skin, etc.
Look: jersey, pants, cleat shoes, glasses, eye patches, etc.
Baseball equipments: bats, gloves, helmets, etc.
▪ iPhone/ iPod Touch optimized control: touch and accelerometer
▪ 7 types of item balls with different attacking and defending abilities
Homerun Battle 3D v1.3.0: Resolved graphic issues

Requires WIFI & SD Card to store 17mb of additional game data.
Note: This is cracked version of Homerun Battle 3D. This file has been modified to defeat the license check. Remove the older version before install v1.3.0
HOMERUN BATTLE 3D was developed for Android by Com2uS
Package name : com.com2us.HB3D
File size: 1.55MB

Download Homerun Battle 3D game Android v1.3.0
Homerun Battle 3D android apk
Or get the latest version of Homerun Battle 3D Android game from below widgets. There are two versions of the app. One is free and another paid.
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    put the latest version 1.4.0

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