Holo Alarm, Timer, Chrono Android App review and Download


Holo Alarm, Timer, Chrono Android App is one Highly Advanced Alarm Clock for Android Gets all the clock related Job Done.

Besides apps which require root options and other features, Android users first rely on the most basic apps for getting the everyday tasks done. Most are manufacturer provided while others can be downloaded from the Store. Here is one that stands out.


Holo Alarm has been available on the Store for a while and it is one of the most successful offers for a basic app available. It is an all-in-one tool and it offers four of the mos highly used time-related features. First of all you get a holo interface with a most modern design features. It fits the Android 4.0+ interface as it would have been provided by default. Second – it offers options for every feature and a settings menu to customize the theme between dark or light.

On the first tab you will find a world clock with the option of adding a number of cities depending on your personal preferences. On the second tab there is an advanced alarm clock with all the features one would expect, inclding reoccurring events, progressive volume and snooze. The third tab offers a very clean design for a timer, with big buttons and the options to set an alarm and vibration. On the forth and last tab there is a functional stopwatch you can use with ease.


PROS of Holo Alarm, Timer, Chrono for Android:

+ Holo interface

+ Four functions

+ Theme settings

CONS of Holo Alarm, Timer, Chrono Android App:

– none

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