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Handcent SMS is the most famous messaging app on the Android App Store. It’s a powerful SMS/MMS app that aims to replace the default Android SMS system with some interesting features, a very comfortable user experience and highly personalized, fully free to use that unleashes the messaging potential of your mobile phone.

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Handcent SMS app is one of the most downloaded SMS Client for Android with text pop up, quick reply options and Dialogue style threaded SMS. Handcent SMS for Android has the great possibilities of customization that is given to the user. Functions as messages pop up, custom icons notification LED colors, fonts, skins and background images are some of the vast options that the user can modify. Handcent SMS app allows you to password protect access to your messages, create a blacklist from which block messages from certain users, send photos in a flash, using different sources of lyrics and much more. But the most interesting feature of the app is quick response, similar to the SMS Popup app. Handcent SMS allows you to send a quick response without even having to open the notification bar and start the application.

Handcent SMS supports many types of multimedia messages, works with voice recognition Android 2.x, offers a wealth of source packages to choose from, a flexible batch mode , and the function of translating text to dialogue. In addition to providing a fantastic interface for SMS / MMS, Handcent still allows the backup / restore of all messages.

Handcent SMS Android Application features:

  • Full support for SMS and ability to attach pictures, audio and video files to MMS
  • Possibility of customization through the various options available
  • Sending SMS / MMS per contact group
  • Intuitive interface and support for themes
  • Possibility to set different ringtones, alerts, backgrounds, bubble signatures style
  • Translated into more than 20 languages
  • Security Lock Options
  • Backup/Restore SMS /MMS
  • My Handcent online services
  • Blocklist
  • Aanimated Greetings
  • Built with Spell check

Download Handcent SMS Android App v3.60:
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Handcent SMS is a Free Android App. Download Handcent SMS from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Or, simply follow the link below to download the latest free version of the app Handcent SMS for Android from Play Store