Hand drawn caricature at an affordable price with Photolamus (Review)


Hand drawn caricature is a great gift idea! Photolamus makes it easy to get one right from your smartphone.

Hand drawn caricature on android with Photolamus

Photolamus is an App that allows users to have their image an all-new, unique, humorous and customized caricature version. For an absolutely reasonable price, Photolamus gives you the opportunity to have your caricature drawn by highly skilled and professional caricature artist depending on what you want and how you want it. Yes, you got it under control, right at your fingertips and at the comfort of your home. Whether it is a gift or a souvenir for yourself, caricatures are a fun, humorous but stunning way to cherish wonderful moments you had.

Photolamus (FREE)

Photolamus isn’t just an App that will basically apply an effect or filter your photos like Camera360 or BeautyPlus, but rather it will create you unique and creative caricatures probably the best you’d ever have.

With several themes and styles to choose from, you can go from being romantic to scary, from vintage black and white to a comic exaggerated representation of your chosen image.
Interesting, yes?

So, how does Photolamus app work?


All you need, of course, is to download the App which is free (hurray!) from the Google play and the App store. Once you installed the App, you’ll see lots of caricature samples done with different themes and styles.
You can choose a solo or two person caricature. Depending on which type of drawing you like, Photolamus will create for you a high-resolution caricature. You could have a basic black and white caricature for $9.75, a more lively and colorful rainbow sketch for $14.64 or a full cartoon caricature that costs around $19.52.

+ What we like

The Photolamus caricature team are always helpful, supportive and courteous. You can actually tell them how you want your caricatures to be customized. They will always be ready to answer any queries about the App and will assure you that your caricature will turn out great and equally funny at the same time.

Photolamus App also features a discount slot machine that can give you with instant discount of 15%, 30% or even 100% off your caricature purchase. If you are not lucky enough, you have another chance to spin 24 hours later.

Photolamus is available for free download from Google play and in the App store.

Downlaod Photolamus for android (FREE)

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    We will do it, Haifa Wehby!

  • Haifa Wehby

    Hope can see my pretty face cartooned! Cool app!

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    Love this application! It is the best for getting the coolest avatar