Grooveshark VIP for Android Download v2.0.8


Grooveshark gives you access to millions of songs, streamed right to your phone. Search for the songs you want, save playlists, and Favorite the tunes you love. The app requires a $3/month VIP subscription for full access, but this is an cracked version so no validation require.

Grooveshark VIP for Android       Grooveshark VIP Android App

Play Any Song Instantly: Find bands you already love and listen instantly—from individual songs to entire albums. Keep your friends close, and your favorite music closer.
Save & Make Playlists: Create playlists on-the-go and access them anywhere later. On your phone, computer, or friends’ place, your Grooveshark music is synced across the board.
Radio: Can’t think of what to play next? Grooveshark makes radio stations based on tunes you already love. On the road, at the gym, in your ears.
Listen Offline: Pick your favorite songs and store them on your phone to listen to even when your coverage drops. Grooveshark is your on-demand listening cure. Anywhere.
Note: This is an cracked version to pass security check, Please uninstall old cracked version before installing.

Grooveshark was developed for Android by Grooveshark
Package name :
File size: 5.47MB

Download Grooveshark VIP v2.0.8 for Android
Grooveshark VIP apk
  • Magnusklo

    File deleted from midiafire ? …

  • Vamsi

    it plays a completely random song even though it shows the name and album art of the correct song.

    • Otto

      Same problem here… But if you search for songs, then you can listen to the right one…

  • TT

    UPDATE: Does not work. Plays random songs… uninstalled!

  • TT

    THANK YOU! Worked perfectly 🙂

  • KJ

    Just want to say THANK YOU!!!! IT WORKS!!! Jan 4th 2012 and I have been looking for this for a while, whoever did this you are AWESOME~!

  • Stitch

    It seems like it works but when I choose he music I want to listen to it shows the band name, album and song but it plays some random music

  • shahad

    I am getting ‘Unknown music player error” in few songs. Can anyone help. otherwise working fine.

  • Zome

    Wow, it actually works. Thanks a lot!

  • ignacio

    Works perfect !!!!!! thanks !!! 🙂

  • Em2ze

    New version cracked is available ? please

  • Mitchell

    I freaking love you.<3

    Still works.

  • SR51

    Still works thanks 😀

  • mike

    working fine here!

  • Albert

    Does it expire on a determined number of listened songs?
    Or its free forever? 😀

  • Kevin

    The App installed find and I can get newly selected songs to play. I’m logged in to my Grooveshark account but when I select one of my saved playlists none of the songs show up?

    Also the song cache, is that internal memory or my SD card? Because my SD card is quite lard and my internal is not,

  • Puffin

    Do u need wifi for the app to work?

  • Paulo

    I’m having the same problem. I select a song and excute it totally different.

    • Kevin

      Me too. Actually it’s doing that to any song I pick. I get a totally random song that is not common.

      • Matt

        That’s because they’ve caught you trying to pirate and they’re giving you random songs instead of the ones you want.

  • Giel

    This is weird, whenever I select one of my playlists and play a song it just plays a totaly random song I’ve never heard before?

    • Mike

      Same here !

  • Steve

    How does the radio works????

  • Serbian

    I can’t buy it anyway in my country, so… Perfectly working, greatest app ever!!! Thank you sooooo much!!! Galaxy spica

  • KIKE

    it works.. thank you so much. love this app but i needed the vip version so thnx.

  • KIKE

    yeah.. its just that i donwnloaded on my pc first so it shows me some folders. assets, metainf. etc. but it doesnt show me the grooveshark.apk. so when i transfer to my nexus i dont know how to install it. thnx for helping. btw it shows me also a .dex and .arc files.

    • admin

      it should be an apk file. use another browser like firefox or chorme to download. After you download the apk file copy it to phone Sd card then use file browser to see and tap to install.

  • KIKE

    mmmm. so.. i donwloaded but.. wheres the apk ? and how do i install this? thnx for the help

    • admin

      when you finished download just tap on it to install

  • CHOBiE

    Works with my N1 FroYo!

  • simon

    Anyone know How to fix it?
    HTC desire

    • Sid

      Yeah, get a Galaxy S.

      • John D.


  • simon

    Please Tell Me How to fix trial expired!
    Keep telling Me to buy VIP even tough its a cracked version

    • admin

      working fine on my galaxy s. try to un-install then install again.

      • simon

        I cleard data and moved the app back to phone memory and it seems to work