Gravity Guy 2 Android Game arrives with new characters


Gravity Guy 2, the second instalment of the popular android game Gravity Guy is now available for Android.

Gravity Guy 2 is an excellent fast paced action game in which the object is to jump from platform to platform while dodged the dangers that you find in your path.

Download Gravity Guy 2 for andorid

Gravity Guy is a guy who has escaped from prison and can not stop running for various reasons. Help him to navigate the complex mazes, and do not forget to notice when to stop or fall would be deadly. In the first instalment, You have played the role of a character who had to escape from his pursuer by various levels using gravity as its main ally. Now you have to fight against gravity in this sequel. Enter a world where laws are not respected and a brave boy has been captured by rebel and defy the rules. The character, being the first who objected to the system, must fight for his life from jump and flee their enemies. In the game you will have to handle the character while running up towers, jumping from platform to platform and dodge all dangers in its path. This time our hero has been cloned, can choose between 7 different clones, each with their own abilities.

This is a simple game, but very addictive and entertaining. The controls are simple , just touch the button on the right side of the screen to go up the elevator or on the left to jump. You have to collect coins and points that can be used to unlock new power slots, level up new characters in the shop.

Key features:

  • Amazing retina graphics.
  • Simple two-button touch controls.
  • Provides a tutorial to learn how to play.
  • Scores and Game Center achievements.
  • A rhythm game crazy and fun.
  • 7 different characters to choose from.
  • Store full of supplements and enhancers.
  • Profile statistics, keeps track of your progress.

Download Gravity Guy 2 Android game for free from Google Play Store.

Download Gravity Guy 2