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GPS Essentials is a necessary application for Android users who want to use Android Smartphone as a full featured GPS navigator: Shows navigation values such as speed, compass, distance and altitude, satellite sky view and map. Save your waypoints and export them to SD-card or as a KML GPX both to Google Docs and Dropbox, and share by email.

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GPS Essentials application allows you to browse and search routes, manage custom points, plot routes, find roads and even create your own panel with a widget to the home of the operating system. With this Android app GPS Essentials, you have the possibility to check geographical position, by following paths and specific routes or simply track your movement along the path. It has dozens of options that will make your smartphone with GPS as a real tool directions and instructions, being able to use voice navigation, labeling, labeling photos, and more. Besides the classic maps, GPS Essentials application also tells you the number of visible satellites and allows you to access them, to get the best and latest information on your phone and from there the possibilities of using mobile GPS to locate you and to choose the routes. You can use the camera to make a path with pictures of the most interesting points, use the voice navigation and many options that extend the value of a simple GPS on mobile.

The most interesting features of the app are:

  • Data such as altitude, speed, latitude, distance, incline, etc.
  • Map: put your waypoints on the map, to find distances
  • Magnetic compass north
  • Routes: save your routes for import into Google Maps KML format
  • Camera: find your waypoints through the camera
  • Satellite Position and strength of satellites linked

Download GPS Essentials Android App v1.0.2:

GPS Essentials is a Free Android App. Download the latest free version of the from Play Store:
  • bat_21

    Really like the interesting things.

  • anonymous

    try oruxmaps in android market

  • mark

    Love this app. Boy I’d *really* like a way to download and use a topo map offline. The time I want a GPS is in the wilderness, when there’s no data connection. Any chance of that or other advice?