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GOTO transforms your Android Smartphones lock screen into an all-in-one dashboard showing previews and alerts of your messages and missed calls right on the slider for unlock Android device. With the slide of a finger, you can access your most important information.

GOTO Lockscreen for Android       GOTO Lockscreen Android

Goto Lockscreen for Android is a lockscreen for your Android terminal that allows you to change the look and functionality of the block screen of your device. By default Android lockscreen installed brings really basic, with very few features, but nevertheless there are many alternatives to improve the usability of the lockscreen and GOTO is one of them. GOTO Lockscreen Android lockscreen comes with a very interesting style, with which you can give a new look and some more functionality to your lock screen. According to the developers, Goto Android Lockscreen is a version of lock screen faster than the original operating system, and offers a look and feel more attractive. Unlocking screen Android can be done quickly and efficiently.

GOTO is an aesthetic, light and incredibly useful lockscreen that not only allows you to unlock the device through another interface, but allows quick access to SMS, calls, mail or Gmail, add Widget, notify us of certain things, weather state, control ring / silent etc. And also allows to use custom backgrounds to mold to our taste, among other functions it brings.

One of the interesting features that has GOTO is the speed with which it works and also provides access to the control of our music without having to unlock the phone.

With GOTO, you can:
-Save time with previews
-Jump to your email and texts
-Customize your backgrounds
-Use the secure unlock feature
GOTO was developed for Android by InnoWeb Tech LLC
Package name : com.innowebtech.g0t0.apk
File size: 1.14MB

Download GoTo Android Lockscreen Apk v1.31

Or you can get the latest version of the locscreen app from Google Android Market

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