Download Ice Cream Sandwich Boot Animation, Analog Clock Widget

More goodies from Nexus Prime, Download Ice Cream Sandwich Google+ 2.0 app, Boot Animation, Analog Clock Widget. Download Ice Cream Sandwich Google+ 2.0, Boot Animation, Analog Clock Widget

Already downloaded the Nexus Prime Music Player, Google Music 4.0.1 from Ice Cream Sandwich? Here comes more from Nexus Prime ROM Android 4.0 in courtesy of Androidpolice.

Download New Google+ 2.0 From Ice Cream Sandwich: The new updated Google+ 2.0 on ICS got changes in appearance, the notification bar has been moved from the bottom to the top of each feature. The Google+ now looks more polished, sharper and cleaner.

Download New Google+ 2.0 From Ice Cream Sandwich  Download New Google+ 2.0 From Ice Cream Sandwich

Grab the new Google+ 2.0 from Ice Cream Sandwich from the download link following: mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror.

Download Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus Boot Animation: Treat your Android Smartphone with the glorious Boot animation found on Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus. Watch below the magic yourself while downloading.

Download links for Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus Boot Animation: Flashable zip file: Mirror 1, 2, Mirror 1, 2. You do need some advanced knowledge to get it work. The simplest way is using any file explorer app such as Root Explorer, SU File Manager view the original boot animation file, rename it to bootanimation.bak to keep as a back-up then move the newly downloaded boot animation in the folder where original boot animation. Reboot and enjoy. Another easy way is using Recovery Flash mode. Download the boot animation .zip file, place it in your SD card then enter in recovery mode. Select “Flash ZIP from sdcard”, Find the .zip file, Flash and Enjoy.

Download  Analog Clock Widget From Ice Cream Sandwich: Like the simple analog clock widget from the Ice Cream Sandwich? Well, we don’t want to miss a bit og ICS that we can grab.

Download  Analog Clock Widget From Ice Cream Sandwich

Download Ice Cream Sandwich Analog Clock Widget apk form the widget below:


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