10 Good Free Android Games to download this Week


A list of the good free android games from recent releases on play store.

good android games free download

This week we have another collection of great titles, ranging from cute/addictive puzzles to sports or 3D action games. We have selected 10 of the good free games available on the Play Store and on top of that they can be download for free.

Don’t forget that we intend on further treating you with the best Apps/Games worth having every week. So stay tuned for the best Android games & apps releases. Till then, let’s checkout the following best games of the week.

Plunder Pirates

8.6Plunder Pirates is a mix of strategy and adventure with special integrated ingredient, like the famous Clash of Clans. This game puts you in the skin of the pirate crew in which you must build your pirate island and improve all kinds of buildings. Then navigate the seas to explore, find treasures, battle against other pirate captains and even plunder their islands. Three-dimensional graphics are actually achieved and the atmosphere is very striking.

Download Plunder Pirates (FREE)

Implosion – Never Lose Hope

8.5Once mankind had to suffer the defeat of the Earth and again is in danger of extinction. Demonstrate your right to life, struggling with unearthly life forms. The game features stunning console quality graphics, good audio quality and a vast arsenal of super-tech weaponry at your disposal to deal with the threats.

Download Implosion (FREE)


8.0The game UFC from EA Sports brings the Ultimate Fighting Championship on the screen of Android, where fighters of different martial arts face in order to defeat the opponent. The game provides more than 70 fighters divided into divisions according to their weight and league. Go your own way in the career mode, fighting in major events and move up in the leaderboards.


Anno: Build an Empire

7.5Anno: Build an Empire is a game of strategy in which you must build your own empire based on conquests, battles and effort. You have to manage more than 60 resources to build a number of buildings and expand your land.

Download Anno (FREE)

Does not Commute

7.8Does Not Commute is an ingenious puzzle game with a dynamic and entertaining performance. Does Not Commute is a game about traffic and our society. In a very simple way, the objective is to get your car from point A to point B. No accelerator or brake, only a couple of arrows to control the direction, and several roundabouts and dangerous crossings to overcome masterfully.

Download Does not Commute (FREE)

Nitro Nation Stories

8.0Nitro Nation Stories is a Spin-off Drag cars series where the player dives into the world of underground racing, adopting the role of Justin Car. You will have to overcome a series of opponents, but to do so must be run on different types of racing, as Race Street, subway, Division and Pro Street; these, in turn, contribute to the experience of the character, which leads him to become the king of the “drag”.

Download Nitro Nation Stories (FREE)

Must Deliver

8.4Must Deliver is an endless runner in which you must do more to move to the sides: the character is where your finger is on the screen. You have to go dodging zombies and getting coins from phase to phase, to make the corresponding deliveries antidote between phases.

Download Must Deliver (FREE)

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