The Good Free Android Games to download this Week


Checkout our list of the good free android games from recent releases on play store.

good android games free download

This week we have another collection of great titles, ranging from cute/addictive puzzles to sports or 3D action games. We have selected the very best games available on the Play Store and on top of that they can be download for free.

Don’t forget that we intend on further treating you with the best Apps/Games worth having every week so stay tuned for the best Android games & apps releases. Till then, let’s checkout good android games free this week.

Manuganu 2 - good free android games

Manuganu 2

Manuganu 2 is the second sequel of the game Manuganu that comes with more improved graphics, more action, and brand new features, offering 40 different fun levels and 4 epic bosses. Manuganu is a runner game in 3D in which you control the guy “Manuganu.” Unlike other games of regular running, Manuganu brings the “Halt function” to avoid the swinging rocks, hammers, fire and other enemies at the right time. Another important feature is the ability Manuganu changing modes of “working” as a “climbing rope” when necessary. But beware! This mode has its own challenges.

Download Manuganu 2 Here

RE-VOLT 2 - MULTIPLAYER game for android


RE-VOLT 2: Multiplayer is the new and improved version of the title, and now users can enjoy the game with lots of rules and totally new options such as new menus, 264 stages in their Grand Prix competitions to achieve world records and more. Its real-time multiplayer mode allows up to four players at a time.

Download RE-VOLT 2 Here

Moshling Rescue - good free android games

Moshling Rescue!

Rescue Moshling is another colorful match three Android game where your job is to unite three or more colorful jams to disappear and save sympathetic creatures. Moshling Rescue! is same as the other games in this popular genre, but it has a lot of different characters, combos and lots of surprises that you will discover as you play the game. The game is very well designed and offers some of the most colorful graphics and wide Varity of scenarios to not get tired of it.

Download Moshling Rescue! Here

Kapsula android racing game


Kapsula is an interesting game set in the futuristic soviet highway, and it’s a mix of racing, endless runner and also a puzzler. In the game you will have to drive a vehicle/capsule, which is running over into 5 distinct lines in a soviet highway, and all you have to do is to smash the other vehicles of the same color. The gameplay is very simple and its difficulty increases as you progress in the game.

Download Kapsula Here

Pirate Legends android game

Pirate Legends TD

Pirate Legends is a tower defense game for Android with stunning visual and hours of fun. In the game you have to build and upgrade towers in a watery maze set in the Caribbean and try to defend yourself from the evil Imperial Navy, forcing waves of scallywags to come under fire as they try desperately to sail to the end and claim your preciously-guarded booty. There are over 20 towers with their unique ability to test your tactical know-how and tons of Google Play Games achievements to unlock.

Download Pirate Legends TD Here

Crazy Taxi android game of the week

Crazy Taxi™ City Rush

Crazy Taxi City Rush is a crazy taxi racing game where you, as a taxi driver, will tour the city collecting customers and taking them to their destination in the shortest time possible, getting rewards by way of all kinds with each recklessness. Crazy Taxi City Rush is the first exclusive edition for smartphones, so the controls, interface and graphics are more suitable. Crazy Taxi: City Rush allows you to play with your device both horizontally and vertically, play the music of your personal library and challenge your friends to lead the leaderboards.

Download Crazy Taxi Here

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