Good Android Games Free This Week


Checkout our list of good free android games from recent releases on play store.

This week we have another collection of great titles, ranging from cute/addictive puzzles to sports or 3D action games. We have selected the very best games available on the Play Store and on top of that they can be download for free.

good android games free download

Don’t forget we intend on further treating you with the best Apps/Games worth having every week so stay tuned for the best Android games & apps releases. Till then, let’s checkout good android games free this week.

Maden NFL 25

Maden NFL 25 android game free

With MADDEN NFL 25 by EA SPORTS Android game you can build your Ultimate Team of NFL stars and run on offense and defense with tremendous features, game modes, authentic action, improved touch controls and more. Chose from 32 real NFL team and more than 1500 real NFL players, build your dream team to challenge friends or other players around the world.

Angry Birds Star Wars II Free

download Angry Birds Star Wars II Free

Angry Birds continues the story set in the world of Star Wars. Angry Birds Star Wars 2 brings lots of new features to its fans. For the first time you are able to play the part of piglets under the slogan: Join the pork side-, so you can destroy the birds. Another thing is Telepods, which feature NFC ( Near Field Communication) manufactured by Hasbro, that will charge our favorite characters in the game saga.

Turbo Racing League

A racing game based on the Dreamworks Studio animated movie Turbo. It is fast paced and offers cute graphics in high-resolution style. It will be appreciated by both fans of the genre or movie.

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways To Die is a selection of mini games that consists of 15 minigames where you must prevent your character dies in order to unlock new characters. To do this you will fight rattlesnakes, a beehive or a tantalizing red button that can make you see what exactly is a “dumb way to die”.

Knights of the King

Excalibur: Knights of the King is a side-scrolling action MMORPG set in the realm of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Mixed the usual dungeon crawler/upgradeable RPG style with more typical action mechanics, the game allows players to explore the fabled world of Camelot with their fingertips.


A title coming from EA and based on a classic that most have come across at some time. It offers great graphics and pass some unique elements – along with a score chart and boost to make players feel great.

Zombie Runaway UP

Another zombie title offering a different theme than what you’re used to. Here you must race in different terrains and pass all sorts of obstacles in a manner that kind of reminds of Temple Run. Nevertheless it looks and feels great and worth having.


Lead your tribe on a journey through prehistoric dangers. Plan your strategy as you gather resources using familiar match-3 game. Place your units and buildings on the board and use them to achieve victory! But choose wisely, because you will be struggling to survive against the elements and enemies prehistoric.


Just a few words enough to describe SlamBots : Addicting, smooth graphics, fast and beautiful. You’v already go the idea from the video overview above.

Line Runner 2

A great title offering hand drawn type graphics and more than 100 different missions to complete. Run through various tracks from easy to bone breaking, use different kind of boosts like a Shield, Head start, etc. and beat your friends scores within the integrated leader board.

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