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On Mar 5, 2013
Last modified:May 3, 2013


If you are yet familiar with Gogobot, it’s a social travel network operators since 2010 and has gotten over 2.5 million users. The company now released its Gogobot Android app to expanding its mobile scope bringing the service to users on the go.

Gogobot Android Travel app

This online travel discovery apps wil allow you to discover the coolest places to go around the world. Search and book a hotel on the fly. You can also check real-time hotel pricing and availability, user ratings, hotel class, postcards and reviews by fellow travelers and friend. Unlike the Gogobot for iOS which launched over a year ago, Android version of the app comes with an enhanced restaurant filters allowing user to find a place to eat by different cuisine and also the ability to book a table on the go.

Gogobot Android Travel app download

In addition to these feature another cool thing is that Gogobot also adds Google Street View for Android, which turns your Android device into a virtual window. Using the phone’s compass, the feature shows 360-degree panoramic views of any location within Gogobot’s database. This means when you chose a hotel to stay, you can also have a look at the neighborhoods, restaurants or hotels nearby— both inside and out.


If you have used other travel app for android then we recommend you to Download Gogobot for Android and for sure you will feel difference quickly. Use the widget below to Download  Gogobot – Top Free Android Travel app.