Gingerbread Keyboard Download for Android 2.2 Rooted devices. (Hands on Video)

Finally Android Gingerbread revealed all the goodies of latest Android OS. We already know the new keyboard for Gingerbread optimized and redesigned for the best typing experience on Android Devices. What if you can drive it right now on your Android 2.2 Froyo device? Sounds interesting? But your device should be Rotted to be lucky to run New Android 2.3 Keyboard. Stock Handset doesn’t allow to install install .libs. (Have a look at Easy One Click and Painless Root) If your are running a Rooted device you are welcome to get it now!

Gingerbread Keyboard Download

Here we present you Android Gingerbread keyboard via DroidLife and Thanks to Peter Alfonso of Bugless Beast who portedt it for Android 2.2 Devices. Let’s dive in the journey. Follow the instructions below.

- Should work on ALL rooted 2.2 Android devices. Won’t work on 2.1. You need the newest Voice Search app from the market.
- Droid X and 2 users, see note after instructions. (Some DX users are seeing miniature versions. Again, MAKE A BACKUP.)
- Auto-correct is not working properly.
- Good idea to make a back up of your LatinIME.apk from your /system/app folder in case something goes wrong.

1. Download file HERE
2. Place on root of SD Card and boot into Recovery.
3. Install .zip as you would themes etc.
4. Reboot and select “Android Keyboard” under Input Method and you are good to go.

*Note* – DX users, “In Clockwork, go to mounts and storage>mount system and then back to install .zip from sd card”.

Thanks to DroidLife and  Peter Alfonso for awesome work. Now checkout the Hands on video of Android 2.3 Gingerbread Keyboard: