Get 3D Live Wallpaper on Android With 3D Image Live Wallpaper App


Download 3D Live Wallpapers for Android  with High-Quality Graphics for Your Android Device.

There is much controversy behind the usage of live wallpapers for Android devices. Most claim these are useless and only take resources and drain battery life. Others would not use a static wallpaper cause they wanna keep their android device look alive. In any case we are not here to advise if live wallpapers are worth using but still they make your android feel amazing and inspired you every-time you look at the device. Here we got to show you an app that provides 3D graphics on your device’s home screens which is not resource hungry.

3d Live wallpaper app for Android

Live Wallpapers are mentioned among the main highlights of the Android OS and many users prefer these designs for showing off to friends or for simply enjoying the designs. There are many forms of live wallpapers available on the Store. 3D Image Live Wallpaper app seems highly promising as it is based on some very attractive designs coming straight from Google and provided by default with the latest version of the OS.

3D Image Live Wallpaper provides a collection that includes all the Android 4.2 high resolution images that come by default with Jelly Bean. And that is not even the main highlight as these images have been substantially modified to give the illusion that you are really looking on an in-depth 3D image. Rotate the device and the image will move accordingly. Swipe your finger across the screens and the wallpaper will react. It simply looks great on any device – especially on tablets and does not drain resources. You can also use your own images and adjust the movement angles to your liking. Take a look at the video below to get a better idea of it.


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